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What are you, Baby?

Dear Baby,

I really want to confirm if you are a girl or a boy. At 13 weeks, 5 days we were told you were one or the other. Even though I have had friends who found out this early, for you, it seems rare. How can it be so sure? I probably won't believe it either way until I meet you in person. But before I go crazy with decorating your nursery, choosing your name, and announcing you to the world, I want to know for sure. I need more proof. So I just made an appointment for a high-tech and overpriced place. Next Wednesday, we will either receive confirmation and further evidence of your gender OR be further confused. It's funny because everyone is soo sure of what you are. My mom thinks you're a boy; my oldest sister thinks you're a girl. I have always felt that you are a boy; the nickname we gave you from the beginning is even a boy's name, haha!  & your other half, is so convinced that you are a girl! Our midwife, the really nice lady who you will meet (right after you meet me), is pretty sure you're a ____! But the pictures are not clear and what if something changes? haha! I know that above all and number one, I want you to be healthy. Health is so important to us...

Your daddy and I are going through so much right now and you are helping us get through so much of it! Thank you and thank God for that. We have a BIG surgery on Thursday and after that, Daddy will never be able to have more babies; you don't even realize how special you are. We also decided yesterday, that no later than one year after your first birthday, we are going to try for your little brother or sister! We are selfish, and even though it will cost us an arm and a leg, we want our future holidays to be filled with lots of you, little parts of us. :] So, God-willing, in a few short days, we will know (for sure) what you are!

I can't wait to meet you...I asked our midwife if she would be open to the idea of me pulling you out myself (if all goes well)...I thought she would think I was crazy- but she was so excited about the possibility. It would be amazing if you get to meet me first. I can't wait. If you come out on time, we'll be in each other's arms in six short months. Can you believe it?!

For now, you will help us get through this surgery, the recovery and being stuck in a hospital in an unknown place. We will choose your name, choose your nursery design, and plan our lives with you. All because you & God decided it was the right time for you to make your presence known.We are forever grateful for you and this experience.


  1. I love you three soo much! xo

  2. We love you sooo much! and more! <3

  3. Aw!! I totally just teared up reading this. Good thing I'm not in Jiffy Lube this time :) XOXO!!!

  4. this is so sweet! i <3 it and I am so happy for your growing family!

    you two are truly an inspiration!

    this kid has no idea how super lucky he is!

    - shanika


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