Mamahood Styled


// Christmas 2014 //

Christmas 2014 via my camera roll:

Mama and Baby BFFs!
selfies with mama
sushi salad
"mama, buy cookies, all gone! bye bye!"
okay, bubba, sounds good!
lots of cars, trucks, etc. total boys' boy!
tools on tools
besitos while shopping
nana + odcm
opening gifts
auntie sarah, karston and o
happy 10th birthday, honey munster!
O, HM, and peanut butter
pouches forever
i mean...
gingerbread man cookies lover

Titi Lon
Titi Lon y Titi Anita
Cousin Destiny
mama + dad-ee
12.24.14 noche buena
the best we could capture of the cousins
arroz con gandules
nap time after our walk
mami + j
puerto rico + l.a. love
ndb- just eating my oats n eggs
Titi Isa and O
Our loves (mia: mritz)
matching pjs forever
presents with titi squirrel
so much love
he fits right in
these pieces of my heart
uncle e wrestling
uncle e and tio jake
mama + o reindeer
eating proper
tio e teaching o
antlers for titi maritza
antlers for titi marlyna
antlers for titi isa
this picture melts me
titi isa + nino jake
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