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Guys! I'm so excited to tell you about our window treatments! Ideally, our new house has big windows in the main living areas and I knew I wanted ceiling to floor white flowy curtains on those. On all other windows, white shutters would have been ideal but not within our budget. So we knew we wanted white (faux) wood blinds instead. They are classic and versatile for the look of our home and curb appeal. We went to our local hardware stores to price them out and were so shocked to see how absolutely expensive they were and we would have to trim them ourselves, since they only trim specific brands. I started looking for alternatives and found SelectBlinds! I I had never heard of buying blinds online but the reviews sounded amazing and the price was incredible, especially compared to them being completely customized! We decided to install their Signature Faux Wood 2" blinds on 9 of our windows (including a huge window in the garage)! I was so impressed by the high quality and they look so sturdy and attractive in our new place!
custom cut blinds to fit our two different sized windows in our home office!

Dining Room 

View from the Living Room

Blinds in the Kitchen

They even custom cut matching blinds for this itty window in our half bath!

The great thing is they have so many different window treatments, all customizable to your needs and likes! I can't give enough kudos to their customer service, too! I had Mark answer all of my questions, and he even helped me figure out what treatments would go best with the aesthetics and needs of our home! You can order samples before you commit, too! I can't recommend enough!


// little spoon organic: baby blends delivery service //

I am so excited to share all about Little Spoon Organic!! They are a homemade baby food delivery service delivered to your doorstep. Every ingredient is organic, non-GMO, and specifically selected by a team of experts- this includes a pediatrician, dietitian, & nutrionist! They've tailored each meal to meet the needs of our individual baby's developmental needs. Each Babyblend comes with its own little spoon, and packed with the micro and macro nutrients our babies need at their specific age!

I'll be updating this post with more info and pictures as we go through our first delivery but I just had to share because I received sooo many messages inquiring about it since I posted. With Oliver, I made every single food he consumed, with Luna, second child syndrome hit me hard and I haven't carved out the time to consistently do it! We practiced a combination of baby led weaning and purees with both, so to be completely honest, this is a lifesaver! My biggest push towards this was that they point out the shelf life of store bought baby foods- yuck! Also, these blends sound so vibrant, delicious and adventurous for a baby's palette!

Here is a link: Little Spoon Organic that does give me credit if you purchase, so feel free to use it, and for a limited time get 15% off using code TRYBABYBLENDS15 !!!


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