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Have you heard of TheLBBrand?! Run over here and check out the amazingness that is this brand! Jen, the creator, is an amazing soul. Talking to her, is like connecting with an old friend who you haven't talked to in awhile, yet you seamlessly pick up like you haven't missed a day! I connected with her over a year and half ago and have been motivated and inspired by her ever since! Her brand, Little Boogaweezin/ The LB Brand strives for the connection of modern parenthood and womanhood. She encompasses the unity we all strive for as we go through this rewarding yet challenging point in our lives. Her brand makes you feel like a badass individual, while still being a mama! That balance that I know I strive for daily, and sometimes gets overshadowed by the demands of mamahood, my career, and my marriage. My first feature was here and now I am happy to be a fitness contributor for The LB Brand! I am sporting the Protector.Mother.Lover muscle tank in sea foam green that can be purchased here! I love the idea of wearing this as your outfit and coming straight home or to the gym to workout! Below are two workouts and my article! Enjoy!


I look over to my now two-year old shoving kale salad in his mouth from my bowl, as he already finished his, and I am overcome with a sense of pride. Every time I work out with him, I catch him huffing and puffing, doing baby burpees or squats while he watches me out of the corner of his eye. His confidence is contagious and I wish it was something that didn’t get tainted as we grow and learn. Especially with our images of our own bodies, our own self-love.
I loved being pregnant, once I found out I was pregnant. You see, my husband and I were told that after his first bout with Testicular Cancer in 2010, surgeries and extensive Chemotherapy, there was NO way he could have children naturally. Two years later, he was diagnosed with Cancer a second time, just as we found out we were miraculously expecting our first, and only child (as now, it is literally impossible to get pregnant naturally). At the time, my after-work job was as a Personal Trainer at a local gym (working out had become a passion of mine when he got sick the first time, as I began to prioritize health). I kept working out, with the guidance of my midwife, with the same intensity as before, yet listening to my body (and her recommendations to a tee). I was constantly greeted with stares that appeared to be full of judgment or comments about how I should not be working out while pregnant. The truth of the matter is that working out is my therapy and I genuinely love it. It definitely helped me stay in shape during my pregnancy and I genuinely believe it gave me the strength to push through a delivery with no medications, and a much easier “bounce-back” within three weeks of having him.
Two years since his birth, I probably look the same since pre-pregnancy, but I know that my body composition has changed tremendously. The weight I never had to worry about, and the metabolism I was always praised about, completely shifted. My entire life I never worried about weight as the incessant food I ate did nothing to my physique. Now, my stomach and thighs are the first to gain weight. I breastfed for 19 rigorous months, and although I was one of the “unlucky” ones whose weight did not go below pre-pregnancy and could not eat whatever I wanted, it definitely kept me healthy, as I knew everything I was consuming was going straight to my precious miracle baby boy who, truth be told, I was just trying to keep alive and occasionally get a shower in for myself, here and there. At 7 weeks post-partum, my husband did a 12-week clean eating and weightlifting challenge, and although strict “clean-eating” has been part of our everyday life since 2010, this took it to a whole other level of measured commitment, with counting macronutrients. Combined with lifting heavy weights, it absolutely gave me results like never before: sculpted muscles, firmness, and abs. Alas, the coveted abs. Then when I went back to my regular 80/20 rule of eating, I found myself feeling deprived and binging. My abs would fluctuate and I would measure my success by how many I could see or what the number appeared on the despised scale. I had anxiety whenever we would eat out and felt unhappy with my appearance. I wanted my abs year round! I couldn’t believe I was facing these issues. As a counselor and personal trainer, I knew I needed to change my ways of thinking; my husband hid the scale and it took me months to relieve that anxiety. I thought about my baby boy- did I really want him growing up thinking he had to weigh his food or be judgmental of foods? No, I wanted him to be educated and aware, and make balanced, healthy choices for fuel and health!
I still struggle with it, like I’m sure most women (and men) do! But, I am on a quest to love my body for what it is. I have incorporated “regular” foods into my diet and work hard to not feel guilt, but also not binge (as I have the appetite of a hormonal teenage football player); I work out hard and continue to do so for strength and endurance, rather than the previous priority of aesthetics being number one. I am on a mission to love my new body, love what is has created, and embrace that I am still in amazing shape! Working out is my “me-time,” just like having wine and pizza are, too! (Side note: pizza is my baby’s favorite food and the other night, he woke up at dawn, begging Daddy for quinoa- all about balance).
Whether you have had a baby (or three) or none, I am sure as women we can all relate! We want to feel and look fit, while still enjoying the foods we love. Although I was once a strict “clean” eater, my best results for my mental well-being have been being an intuitive eater, as the exercise part comes easy for me, most days. Baby, or no baby, being active is an outstanding achievement! We all want to be healthy! Nothing makes me feel stronger and more of a badass than giving my all to a difficult workout.
High-intensity workouts are my jam- intervals mixed with strength training are my favorite! Giving your maximum effort with very short rest periods are effective. You need to go hard! But you need to be smart about it and not hurt yourself!! It should hurt, but it should hurt good. Sweat, glistening, a burning sensation in the muscle(s) being used, & shaking- all great responses to a hard workout; dizziness, blacking out, sharp, localized shooting pain- not so great! Proper form is absolute key to success! How many times have you seen someone working on the elliptical or bike at the gym, chatting away, reading a magazine? If you’re there to do work, all you are doing is creating heat, rather than burning fat or gaining endurance and strength. As a busy working mama with a lot of side projects, ain’t nobody got time for that! I prefer a max of 30 minutes of daily HIIT workouts that can be done anywhere! Incorporating plyometrics, weight training and cardio are my jam! & I want it to be yours, too! Weights will NOT make you bulky! Pushing past your limits during a grueling workout is worth your time in gold! Psychologically, it leaves you in an all-time high, unlocking the badassness we all have inside of us!
Get a friend, or do these yourself, have a sensible approach to fitness while being realistic. Think long term goals. Think that you CAN. Commit! Try these workouts. Lift with proper form and with weights. Improvise, adjust. Too easy? Go harder, faster, stronger. Too hard? Go lighter, slower and focus on each movement. You’ve got this. Go to sleep in your workout clothes and wake up ready to do work! Wear your cute workout outfit to run errands and then go straight to your workout! A healthy and well-balanced LIFE is attainable! We are all in this together! We’ll have good days, rough days, amazing days, and unmotivating days. The important thing is to work every day toward your ultimate goal until this becomes part of your lifestyle. Because being a healthy and strong woman is rad.
Using a timer, set it for 50 seconds of hard work and 10 seconds of rest (I use the free version of the GymBoss app on my phone). Choose 6 exercises to complete 3-5 rounds in. Remember, those 50 seconds are meant to push you! Jot down your reps and each round, try to meet or beat that number! Get it, girl! I am here for you! We are all here for each other!

*all pictures by @gmontgomery



// easter 2015 //

this easter was so much fun! we woke (like this) and the first thing oliver asked was if the easter bunny filled his basket! it was so cute to watch him get excited over this! we read about jesus and the reason we celebrate easter and counted all of our blessings!

we always go to momma's and poppa's house for easter festivities. this year, i got to make breakfast and it was a hit! 

the day before, we painted eggs but o was more interested in peeling and eating them. i think he ate three. 

and somehow, my hands ended up way more stained than his. i should focus on the eating part more. 

the boys had their egg hunt on sunday:

that night, he dressed himself in his pjs, like this, haha!

the following day consisted of bunny food and egg salads and mama having a day off from work!

and still wearing his bunny ears and slippers for our morning walk.

wanna remember easter 2014 and a sneak of easter 2013? click here!

// 15/52 //

// a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015" //

such a rarity. gosh, we adore you.

// 14/52 //

// a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015" //

"mama, say 'cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese', smileeee, mama"

always for you, baby, always.


// 13/52 //

// a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015" //

when i get off of work, i pick you up at nana's and we visit with her for an hour. sometimes, we get home and daddy arrives shortly after, but most evenings, it's just you and i- depending on our day, we either workout together, or make/eat dinner. we opted for falafels today. you need to have your food separately. so no to wraps, quesadillas, sandwiches, because 9/10 times you take everything apart. so here we have a wheat tortilla, cucumbers, feta cheese, carrots, tomatoes, spinach and falafels. mmmm! love sitting down and enjoying you, baby boy.


// 12/52 //

// a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015" //

ah, you little character, you! we had a photoshoot for mama's tees, and boy oh boy, you were the most difficult to work with, even though you have plenty of experience with shoots. maybe it was the excitement of all your baby friend being over your house, having to share your toys (we're working on this new concept, still), and having all these beautiful mamas around you...but boy did you make us laugh. this captures you perfectly, baby boy. full of non-stop energy and captured mid- scare to your titi becca! 
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