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Beyond a Miracle

This baby is beyond a miracle. I wish there was a word that best described it, but I have yet to find one. I do definitely want to incorporate these meanings into its name, though! We already knew that this was a miracle... Geoff was completely infertile a year ago and doctors confirmed it would be 7 years before it MIGHT come back...Both our midwife and the fertility doctor we saw last week were overjoyed and couldn't believe it. When you have a DOCTOR telling you that this is a real miracle, you know that medicine can't explain it. It's beyond...

Well, this week we went to Tucson for Geoff's consultation with the new surgeon. While explaining Geoff's gnarly surgery, he also said there is a 95-100% chance that we will never be able to conceive naturally, as he is going to be cutting off the testicular tube that enables the exportation of sperm. He said that if I were to ever get pregnant naturally again, it means that he did the surgery wrong. No other explanation.


Never in a million years did we expect this. I cannot describe how 1). heartbreaking and tortourous this is....and 2.) Our baby....omg... God really sent this baby to us on purpose and at the right time in our lives.  He knew this was going to happen even though we would have never ever anticipated it.

I am overwhelmed with these feelings of gratitude, sadness, happiness, confusion, & inability to coherently explain what I am feeling.

The doctor kept stopping himself in his tracks, mid-conversation, shaking his head and congratulating us. This pregnancy is so unheard of...

Our baby is beyond a miracle...

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