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Our special announcement

We have been so so anxious to announce that we are expecting to everyone and last night decided to start working on our video project for the big reveal this Wednesday night or Thursday morning...Well, we had recorded all the reactions and were planning on creating a movie trailer of sorts where everyone's shocked reactions would be shown and then eventually announce that we have a miracle to share! All the videos were in a special file labeled accordingly and when Geoff began adding them to the intro he started on, he realized they were not playing. Apparently, when the videos uploaded, they uploaded as an image, NOT a video. So what we see is when we hit record as an image. Only one video plays (hint: Avocado) but they are all gone. I was mortified. SO frustrated and even cried in frustration! I am seriously so tired of this luck. I know it seems silly but these videos were so so special. & not just to share our news but just for us. To one day be able to show our baby just how excited our loved ones were for it. For us. The good thing is that I have these videos engrained in my mind and my heart. I replayed them so much that I know them by heart. But honestly, nothing beats having captured those moments. So many emotions captured.

I'll never forget how Geoff's mom jumped up and down over and over in the middle of our living room and the tears she shed, along with his dad and brother....or how Squirrel really made me cry- I think she was the only one who evoked that emotion from me; a genuinely happy cry from her and me...& LBC crying?! Holy crap! Didn't see that one coming but she was so genuinely happy for us! & Pansy cursing me out, hahah! That one made me crack up each time....or Yuky, the first one I told & probably one of my favorite reactions; it took her a good 15 seconds to process it and then went through the shock of saying "no! shut up! omg!!!" and then the tears came! My parents and sisters...oh how I wish those would have at least stayed...both my mom and dad repeated "J's pregnant" a million times...and the way my dad embraced me...for so long...then embraced Geoff, then back to me. Amazing...How B finished the bite of her ice cream before letting the shock take over! haha! Or Mirror's scream after it finally registered!! haha! Then she cried a lot! Haha, how my co-father thought we meant his wife was pregnant, hahahhaha! At least that's what we think! He looked scared! How Nena had to get up from the table and rush over to hold me... LC wouldn't stop pushing and the whole time Penguin was saying "Cheeeeeeeese!" Roomie couldn't stop crying; Fritzy cried at Jiffy Lube; Chiquita couldn't breathe; my sisters' embrace and shrieks! We have a couple of Geoff's phone that saved but they are not videos- just recorded audio (K&J's phone call)- which is awesome...the videos of their actual faces are what I have embedded in my mind.

Writing these memories down is humbling and slightly therapeutic. I wish those videos could be restored. But at least I have those memories. & I have a baby in my belly. Who is almost 3 inches long and we get to see in two days. I had my frustrated night, I vented as I I'm ready to go on. I have more important things to focus on: out kit from New York just arrived and within this week we have to bank our possible future baby. I should say babies because you never know what can happen with in-vetro! Haha! Geoff also has to take a million new tests before his surgery (two CT scans, an EKG, a heart ultrasound, a colonscopy (poor guy) and another one I can't recall- helllooooo all costs sooo much but it is the best money we've ever spent because Geoff is still here), well he had one this morning to check on his heart. His new surgeon wants to make sure the blod clot he had until a year ago didn't return or else surgery could not happen- well, thank God, he's in the clear! They were able to give results on the spot!!!! No blood clot, woot! I hope we get our ultrasound test results on the spot on Wednesday, too! :)

No Doubt released their new single today. I got to listen to the whole song and I absolutely love everything about it. The lyrics are so perfect for me.                                               
"I'm fine (and nothing's gonna knock this girl down)
I'm feeling positive for real (I'm all good)
I'm fine (and nothing's gonna knock this girl down)
It's gotten complicated that's for sure.
But you can see it my eyes, 
you can read on my lips
I'm trying to get a hold on this
And I really mean it this time
And you know it's such a trip
Don't get me started
I'm trying to get a hold on this
No big deal (I can handle it)
It'll bounce off me (I can handle it)
In or out, moved block before, doesn't matter anymore
Here we go again, are you insane?
We're underneath the avalanche so heavy again
I'm a rough and tough, i'm a rough and tough
And nothing's gonna knock this girl down"
-"Settle Down" NxD

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