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// what goes around, comes around //

yesterday, on my way to pick up oliver from nana's, i was distracted by the opposing traffic: there was an SUV being pushed my a man into a business driveway, and he alllmost made the turn, except hit the sidewalk and couldn't push it over. traffic on that side was so jammed because of it and people were speedily driving by. i rolled down my window and asked the man if he needed help pushing. he said he did, but unfortunately, no one would let me through. by the time i crossed the intersection and went around two blocks, the car had safely made it to the parking lot and to my surprise, the owner was a mama with her two littles. the man was just a passerby who had since left. i asked her if i could help in any way and she said someone was already on their way. it warmed my heart that someone took the time to help her and immediately wondered what i would do in such a situation with my baby boy in the backseat. how nerve-wrecking! as i left, and tried patiently, to merge through traffic, i was pleasantly surprised and humbled at the THREE cars who each stopped separately to let me through. my tiny attempt at a good deed was paid forth. how rad is that?

further proving that what goes around, does indeed, come around. spread good vibes, people, spread good vibes.


// twenty-one months //

21 months, which makes me feel like I can no longer say a year and a half when people ask how old he is. Wah.
"How old are you?"
"TWO!!!" & shows five fingers!

he is still holding strong at 30 lbs. Actually, yesterday he weighed in at 29.5.
taking out the trash, playing all kinds of ball, watching for airplanes, "cooking" in his kitchen and making us "taste" everything he makes, reading books, reading the newspaper every day at Nana's, and looking at the ads to point out appliances, haha, running, jumping, riding his bike, working out- i've never seen baby burpees look so damn good! Also, when he picks up his toys, we die! So cute- he leaves his hands stiff and tries to scoop using just his fingertips, haha!
so much more independent play!
& so playful in a teasing way- for example, we ask you for kisses and you love to say "NO!!" and laugh!

Ah, Baby Boy fights sleep every single night. He has the same routine and despite that, tries to manipulate the situation to not have to fall asleep. A typical routine for us includes bath time, being coerced into reading at minimum 10 books (by the way, his obsession with reading is superb), asking for agua ten times, asking to be rocked or laid down with, finally laying down (or is lying?), and crying while we hold his hand and he grasps his blankie and Lobo, his stuffed wolf.
  New Words: 
His constant words (even though he repeats everything):
Poop (by the way, any little spec of anything in the tub, is immediately poop, and he is terrified of it!)
Meelman (mailman)
Perpane (airplane)
beeee tuck (big truck) and he signs for big/little
tash tuck (trash truck)
peeeease (please)
tanku (thank you)
Two! (when we ask him how old he is, he shows five fingers and exclaims TWO!! haha)
Mamo (Te Amo)
lah you (I love you)
& the way he says no is the cutest thing in the world! 

Favorite Foods: 
pizza and cookies are always good briberies!
We make healthy pizzas at home (i.e. open faced quesadillas with veggie toppings) and cookies are actually crackers.
Any type of green smoothie
Corn in the Cob

I guess I can delete this section! We haven't nursed for almost two months! 

Favorite Things: 
Same as last months: Still obsessed with all things kitchen, all things with motors, going on our nightly sunset "by ry" (bike ride), jumping (funniest thing ever), working out (this kid can lift weights my client's use!), eating, the pool, bubbles, music and books, playing and bugging Honey Munster. 

Signature Moves: 
Right now, it's definitely his dancing. He grabs his knees and shakes his butt, haha! Too damn cute!

Mommy's Proudest Moment: 
My biggest reality check has been watching him repeat the things I say or do! It is definitely something I need to keep myself in check in. What a huge reality check to how I act!

This Month's Highlights:
- We have had lots of Mommy and Oliver dates. loving them!
- We went to a car show and you loved it! You even got to take your mini version of Dad's car! 
- You had a great playdate with friends!
- You are further obsessed with dogs and cats!
- We started all of your October themed foods and they have been a great hit!
- You met Nana's mailman and he made you a bag and hat! You are so obsessed with him and look for him every day!
- Carson stayed with us for a week and you surprised us with how caring you are! You share without hesitation and are so loving! Except your bike, you didn't want to share your bike!
- We went to the pumpkin patch and you really enjoyed the hay maze and riding the tractor at night!
-You still love going to the park!
- We went to a costume party for your buddy Judah, and you dressed up like a little punk! too cute!


// live each day with a thankful heart // free printable //

yesterday, i was proctoring a test for high school students and was faced with a disheartening reality. there was a certification statement that the students had to copy, in cursive, and about a dozen of them genuinely did not know how to write in cursive. i was in disbelief and honestly, saddened. in talking to my former elementary teacher co-workers & friends, they have told me that states are moving away from even teaching cursive. ahhh. then i talked to my husband about it and he said he would have to really concentrate if he had to write in cursive, too! as we experience the consumption of technology (which i am an avid fan of, obviously), it saddens me that the basics are being abandoned with time (think handwritten letters, snail mail, photographs, the list can go on and on). 
handwritting has always been my preferred method of writing and have always been in love with lettering. so here is a gift from me to you, if you would like it. a free download printable of a quote that i lettered and look at daily to focus me. i'll add another next week that i live by and remind myself at least ten times a day while at work!

click the link underneath the image to download it!


p.s. is anyone else obsessed with snail mail as much as i am?


// a day with my son //

It's not every Monday that I get to cuddle with my baby boy in bed instead of rushing to work in a drowsy, mayhem-filled early morning. Having this past Monday off was Heaven-sent. Not only did this mama get early morning peaceful cuddles, I also spent a much needed day playing and loving on my son. 

My weekdays tend to be on the go. Patience dwindles by the evening, tempers rise and the rainbows and butterflies of parenthood tend to dissipate as dinners aren't eaten and bedtime routines are avoided by an unnamed toddler. Sprinkle in some tantrums, time outs and a new hitting phase. The precise recipe for a mama who questions if I am even meant to have this prestigious yet oh so challenging job in mamahood. Ay, is it tough. I know fellow mamas will nod their heads in unison as we all go through this. Which is why this Monday was long overdue. A time for just me and my boy to just be. And for the first 6-7 hours of our day, not a singlw tantrum was thrown, nor a voice raised. In lieu of that, giggles manifesting into roaring laughter (the sweetest sounds), and the constant raspberries of his plump lips making his trash trucks vroom by, filled our day. 

Mama's homeboy forever. 

// pumpkin patch //

This past Sunday, we frequented the local Pumpkin Patch. We have been going for the last few years, even prior to us having Oliver (with borrowed littles in tow, because we heart our friend's babies). We love Fall and all things themed, so it only seems natural to us to seek fun typical fall activities. Last year was Oliver's first year going, at the delicious age of 9 months. This year, the hay maze, petting zoo, tractor ride, sea of pumpkins and plethora of activities were a whole new world for our babe. There is nothing like experiencing life through the life of a child, especially your own. I cherish these captured memories and one day will he not only be embarassed by how often we twin, but hopefully get a warm feeling in his heart and feel how loved he is. This life is for you, Oliver D Cruz.


// 20 months //

what?! 20 months! noooo....too fast, slow down!!

30 lbs.,

cooking, both in his little kitchen and in ours; reading tons of books before bedtime, riding his bike, playing with cars and making them go "vroom," pointing out trucks, helicopters, airplanes, trash trucks, playing with his cousin and friends, accessorizing, pointing at things and saying their name, calling people on the phone, including FaceTiming.
The last weekend of your 19th month was so amazing. We watched you grow and mature. A lot less tantrums (knock on wood- I literally just did), and more independent play. A lot more snuggles and loves. Our crazy little piece of Heaven.
Absolutely the same as last month. There have been a couple of times this month where he has woken up crying and instead of helping him back to sleep, I have just brought him into bed with me. It is a completely new experience for me to have him cuddle with me without asking to nurse. It is amazing. He asked only one time and I distracted him and he has not asked since.

                                                                      New Words: 
Still repeating everything and we are loving it!
We took a 3.5 minute video asking him to repeat every word and name we could think of. His little voice is the best sound in the world- besides his laughing! 

Favorite Foods: 
Whatever he decides for that day! Some days he is super picky, while others he is a bottomless pit! 
We went out to eat and there was raw onions on the condiments section--this boy started eating them happily! Um..
22 days of no nursing!
Still can't believe it. 
I miss it but I am so proud of us!

Favorite Things: 
Same as last months: Still obsessed with all things kitchen, all things with motors, going on our nightly sunset "by ry" (bike ride), jumping (funniest thing ever), working out (this kid can lift weights my client's use!), eating, the pool, bubbles, music and books. 

Signature Moves: 
This month it's his surprised and excited face! Oh man, I have to get it on video. Geoff came home with a box of pizza the other night, and this baby boy, ran to him with his arms up, his mouth shaped in the most perfect oval, and he gasped! "Bi-sa!!!!!!!" Then he threw back his head and laughed and started jumping up and down! He does the same thing for anything he loves- oh, a truck! cue excitement!

Also, saying that things "Stink" and you need to throw them to the trash- because he is beyond obsessed with the trash!
He loves to give Honey Munster kisses and hugs. But he equally loves to tell her no and shake his little chubby finger at her. We have now changed our language with Honey to say "no, thank you" instead! haha! He also love giving her treats for tricks haha!

Mommy's Proudest Moment: 
Ah. So remember that he repeats everything?! Well, I needed that reminder. He was eating something weird, like raw onions. I made a face and said "gross," without realizing it and within seconds it became Oliver's favorite thing to say for the evening! ooops!

Daddy's Proudest Moment:  
Geoff decided it was a great idea to play catch with Oliver. He had him stand in the middle of his tub during the bubble bath. Of course, Oliver slipped and fell. And of course, Geoff didn't think anything of it! Ay. 

This Month's Highlights:
- Mommy and Daddy left you for a weekend so we could go to Titi Isa and Nino Jake's wedding! You did so great! We were so proud of you (and ourselves). 
-You became obsessed with tattoos (temporary ones) and want one on all the time!
-We celebrated both Daddy and Mommy's birthdays and you did an amazing job at blowing out the candles each time!
- You received your own little kitchen and became obsessed with playing with it daily. 
- Daddy went on a business trip and you spend a week with just Mommy. It was tiring but great to have that time together. 
- Mommy and you had a photoshoot!
- We went on lots of walks with Auntie Bre to help her get ready for having Baby Duke!
- We learned that you can make yourself cry with real tears and everything!
- PetSmart became a favorite place for you! You love looking at all the different animals!
- You met Baby Duke and it became official that you are in love with babies and want one of your own! 
- You took a picture of Mommy and learned to take selfies! haha!
- You helped make our first batch of pumpkin pancakes! 
- We went to Target and you chose a hot pink pumpkin! How could we resist buying it for you!?
- You had playdates with your cousin, Karston!

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