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// 3/52 //

// "a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015" //

Here you are, Baby Boy! On the eve of your second birthday. I am full of emotions. Happy that you are here, growing healthy, intelligently and strong! Yet, sad at how fast time has gone by. It seems like only yesterday I held you in my arms for the very first time. I took in the amazing smell that only babies possess. I put my hand to your chest and immediately calmed you down. I am cuddling you with kisses nonstop today and affirmations of all the amazingness that you most certainly are. I am making sure to keep up with the little traditions we started last year. Like reading certain books, filling your bed with balloons, breakfast pancakes....I know they seem silly but they mean the world to me. Because they celebrate you. You are everything to me. You turn my world into a mess. This happy mess. 


// 2/52 //

// "a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015" //

This week, my little boy has become OBSESSED with Barney + Baby Bop (and occasionally BJ). He has never been interested in cartoons. A few months ago, on a long road trip, heintently watched videos on trash trucks- it was the cutest thing. This week, Nana told us she randomly found Barney the night before and recorded it. She turned it on for him the following day and he was intrigued, as the TV is never on at her house. He ended up loving it and requesting as soon as we got home. But by then his excitement had become psycho-superfan-like. The following day, Nana found these two figurines and this boy, literally spent the next 24 hours not letting them go (throughout dinner, bathtime, the two-hour sleep scream battle, the next morning, in the car, etc). I arrived at Nana's house and he asked for a picture with them. He chose two spots- by a palm tree and in the middle of dried, dead grass and told them (Barney and Baby Bop) to say "cheeeese!" I was laughing, but now that I look at the picture, it looks like he was signing for "more," the only sign he still regularly uses. The sweetest, cutest thing, yet we are simultaneously weaning him off his obsession that started just a few days ago. All things in moderation, son, all things in moderation. 


// 1/52 //

i have loved following the 52 project  on a few blogs i follow (especially this beautiful mama's) and have been waiting for the new year to to do it, too. in lieu of my monthly updates for oliver, i am now going to do a weekly photo of my growing baby boy. at the end of the year, i can make a book (just like my instagram chatbooks)! a few years ago, i created my own 365 project and didn't get too far before i didn't prioritize it. but i have high hopes for more blogging!
 i love these social communities that connect us and gives a glimpse into sharing each others lives and stories. 
here's to this little project and the many that are to come. 


// "a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015" // 

Oliver captured perfectly: rambunctiously sweet, naughty little one year old (for only two more weeks) causing havoc in Nana's backyard. 


// Christmas 2014 //

Christmas 2014 via my camera roll:

Mama and Baby BFFs!
selfies with mama
sushi salad
"mama, buy cookies, all gone! bye bye!"
okay, bubba, sounds good!
lots of cars, trucks, etc. total boys' boy!
tools on tools
besitos while shopping
nana + odcm
opening gifts
auntie sarah, karston and o
happy 10th birthday, honey munster!
O, HM, and peanut butter
pouches forever
i mean...
gingerbread man cookies lover

Titi Lon
Titi Lon y Titi Anita
Cousin Destiny
mama + dad-ee
12.24.14 noche buena
the best we could capture of the cousins
arroz con gandules
nap time after our walk
mami + j
puerto rico + l.a. love
ndb- just eating my oats n eggs
Titi Isa and O
Our loves (mia: mritz)
matching pjs forever
presents with titi squirrel
so much love
he fits right in
these pieces of my heart
uncle e wrestling
uncle e and tio jake
mama + o reindeer
eating proper
tio e teaching o
antlers for titi maritza
antlers for titi marlyna
antlers for titi isa
this picture melts me
titi isa + nino jake
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