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I have to be honest, I absolutely love a themed party! I try to theme out pretty much everything, from dinners, to girls' nights in, to any party we ever throw. My husband is probably glad we have a son now because before, every single holiday meant home decor + all of his meals matched the theme. haha! During year two of his precious life, Oliver has been obsessed with dinosaurs, watching shows, reading books, visiting the Peewie Herman Dinos in the desert multiple times, learning facts about them, etc. There is something to precious about a two year old explaining the different between carnivores and herbivores! He had been saying he wanted a dino party for months and with everything we have been recently going through, his birthday crept up on us and before I knew it, it was one week away and I had done zero for him. We decided at the last minute to throw him a get together. I tried to keep things simple (especially since after last year's
I went massively all out) but my last minuteness didn't help! Ultimately, Oliver LOVED everything and is still talking about all the details, which usually go unnoticed. Our friends were so complimentary and the littles seemed to really enjoy themselves. There's something awesome about receiving a text later that night with parents thanking YOU for tiring out their happy babes. 

The night before Oliver's birthday, Geoff's phone finished breaking and we ran to Verizon to upgrade 15 minutes before they closed! So the next morning (after I had stayed up until 5am to finish major crafts), I had a new phone with zero contacts. My amazing friends ended up taking over 500 pictures for us- I am so grateful! These are just a snapshot of Oliver's Bash! 

These dino necklaces were a hit, especially with the adults! Wish I would have kept one!

We DIYed fossils- which was so fun!

Nino Jake and O

Titi Isa and O

Our amazing midwife/friend Susie teaching the babes how to make volcanoes

These cuties! Missing a few! 

aftermath! Make a Volcano, Tattoo, and Coloring Stations

nana and O

Special thanks to everyone who made this possible! From Momma, Poppa and Titi Sarah who came over to help us craft and came early to help us run around, to Titi Yuky who let us borrow stuff the night before, to Mama and Tito and Destiny who drove through the night to arrive at 5am that morning, to Titi Mayra who flew in fron Austin the one weekend she would be with her husband and woke up early to help me set-up, to Titi 'ayna and Titi Isa and Nino Jake who started driving at 5am to make it on time and took all these pictures and played with Oliver until the end of the night all while putting in effort to get to know my Mom, to Titi Becca and Tio Steven who brought the littles in between busy soccer games to celebrate O, to Titi Anita and Tio Irving who drove from Phoenix, to Linda and Elle who put in so much effort to participate and be present, to the Cheatwoods, Cris and Andrew, the Rhoads, the Buchanans, the Guzmans, the Lachicks, Nana, Andrew, Ale, Karston...and everyone else who really wanted to come but couldn't make it!!! this day wouldn't have been what it was without you!!! We love you each so much and are so grateful that you love Oliver!!!
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