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Hello Second Trimester!!!

My baby bump is non-existent in this picture but I swear it's there!
It's more prevalent when I have a Food Baby to go with it! 
How far along? 13 weeks, 5 days. It turns out we are keeping the transvaginal ultrasound due date after all. Babies grow at such different rates at this point and since we found out later in our pregnancy, we are keeping what appeared to be the most accurate from the beginning. That leaves our due date to January 25th, 2013 (which we all know is only less than 10% of deliveries). This also means that every Friday (instead of Thursday) is a new gestational week for us! Whole new meaning to T.G.I.F! 185 days left to go (26 weeks). 
Weight gain: (still at) 4 lbs. 
Sleep: I think we need a new mattress! Maybe that will help with my sleeping? Anyone know when I'm supposed to stop sleeping on my stomach/back? I forgot to ask today!
Best moment this week: Everytime someone else finds out we are expecting, it's the sweetest moment to share. I love happiness and positivity. It's so funny though, there are people at work that know and haven't said one word. Weirdos! I know you were one of the 400+ views on our video, haha! I would have to say meeting with our awesome midwife for our very first official appointment was awesome today. She spent about 45 minutes just talking to us (getting our background info) and telling us how much she's been thinking about us and even has mentioned us to her family. She told me a million times to make sure to text her before/after Geoff's surgery and reassured us that our baby is here to stay now. We had a long ultrasound with her and she printed out TWENTY pictures for us to have and get us through our surgery. She's amazing! Heartbeat was at 152bpm and we got to see all of it's little bones, fingers, etc! Susie was definitely put into our lives for this reason. 
Miss anything?: I am missing wine! I was missing Bloody Caesar's but we went to dinner with our Loves this Sunday and my filling was fulfilled! So yummy, minus the alcohol! Our midwife said Chai tea was fine, which I had been avoiding, so I'm glad to indulge in it every now and then!
Movement: I felt a weird flutter last night. It felt like a butterfly flutter/kiss from the inside. Doubt it was the baby (maybe gas, although I've never felt gas like that, haha). 
Food cravings: I had been wanting chocolate cake last week and got some. But seriously, when am I NOT craving chocolate cake! haha! I am looking forward to see what weird craving I'll consistently have throughout our pregnancy!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: I'm happy to report that my morning sickness is now on and off all day long which is so much nicer than 24/7! It makes life so much easier to manage!
Gender: We finally decided that we want to have a Gender Reveal ultrasound at a high-tech facility in San Diego. We want to invite all of our family/friends! I have so many cute ideas and already started working on themed invites and favors: "Beau or Bow?," cupcakes with pink/blue inside, with bow and mustache toppers, and matching pins for everyone to wear according to their guess! BUT we ended up finding out today! haha! I have been avoiding talking to anyone today because I don't think I can hold it in! We are trying to decide how to tell everyone. It's just hard that everyone is everywhere. Maybe just Facebook will be the way to go! 
Labor signs: No
Symptoms: I have been ridiculously busy with being back at work, training, getting ready for G's surgery and studying for my PT exam. There's no time to even focus on symptoms, which is a good thing!
Belly button in or out?: Innie but now it's round! haha! It's always been oval. I feel like I have lost my waist!
Wedding rings on or off?: on
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Is Busy a mood? That's all I've been! & excited, of course. I am starting my very own counseling program at school (and teaching only one Spanish class) and I couldn't be more excited. It's SOOO much work; more than I could have imagined but I finally got my little area today so I'm looking forward to getting keys to it and hoping to have it a little ready before we leave to Tucson. I'm nervous about Geoff's surgery. But above all, positive!
Looking forward to: Revealing the gender of our sweet, crazy baby! Now I want to get the nursery done overnight! & choose a name or two ;]! I also want the results from our screening from last week. I found out today that the doctor who gives the results has been on vacation. Boo!
Jefe with our 20 ultrasound pictures from today!
Top left: side view of baby with arm on side;
Bottom left: baby is upright, sitting Indian-stylee, with arms up! What?! We had NEVER seen an ultrasound pic with the baby sitting up!!
Top right: Baby still in upright position, arms on side, lol.
Bottom right: side view of the baby waving and actually smiling, haha! Our baby is such a character already! 
Side profile views: big ol' lips everyday! Baby is measuring 3.0315 inches! Crazy! 


  1. First of all hahaha to the food baby comment (so us!) and...OMG-you know the sex of the baby..sooo exciting!!! Oh, and btw, I just recently read that movements that feel like flutters/spasms can totally be becasue the baby is moving..ahh! Unless, you farted right after?! Loved seeing him/her! Love you.

  2. Haha Maritza! :) J, I think you should get a memory foam mattress if you don't have one already! I had one at the place I was house-sitting last semester and it was a DREAM to sleep on. I am thinking out of tossing my mattress and getting one. Are you going to get one of those high tech ultrasounds where the baby looks 3-D? Soooo exciting! I want to see all the pics!! :) I love baby Montgomery so much already :)


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