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Weeks 34 and 35

35 weeks, 4 days; Christmas Day!

How far along? 35 weeks, 5 days today
Weight gain: Between 18-19 lbs. I am sure it'll be more soon- I haven't gained much in weeks and weeks, so I'm sure I'll catch up! Weird to think that my entire pregnancy has come to a halt- I mean it hasn't but it has...I stopped gaining weight, stopped moving, haha, but luckily my baby bump is still growing- safe and sound. The only place I feel that I can protect him! :)
Sleep: Silly!
Best moment this week: Thinking that it has been THREE WEEKS EXACTLY that we have been on bedrest! That's THREE whole weeks of protecting our baby. I have felt very helpless laying here not being able to move and having to rely on my poor husband to take care of me...but I also realize that this is the ONLY thing I can do for our baby right now. & it has worked for three weeks. I feel proud. :] I'm exhausted of being here but I know it's working and I am more than halfway done! I have had more friends come visit me which is really nice and more appreciated than I can ever explain. The simple things in life make me the happiest.
Miss anything?: Mmhhmm... ;)
Movement: Yes, but I have noticed less flips this week. He is running out of room. My right ribcage hurts so bad at times! I swear his little foot is going to be bruised! It feels as if he gets inside of my ribcage and does the Hokey Pokey! Same with my right hip! My belly is lopsided most of the time, haha!
Food cravings: Not specific ones- other than sweets which is SO weird because I never did before! And tamales! omg, I always want some!! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: No :]
Gender: baby boy ODCM!
Labor signs: Somewhat under control, I'd say!
Symptoms: Still achy back, stuffed up, the hard contractions make me feel like I could throw up! Probably all the pressure mounting and not having room inside for anything. My belly is SO right, I have no idea how it will continue to grow in these last few weeks! Weeks- ah, scary!  
Belly button in or out?: Sometimes in, sometimes out. Softest part of my body, haha!
Wedding rings on or off?: on and loose!
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Both? One good day, one bad day? 
Looking forward to: We have gotten so much done for our baby! Hospital and diaper bags are pretty much packed- just need to add a couple of items! We ended up getting the Ergobaby and it seems so cool and we got a new style that came out that looks great on Geoff, haha! & I'm going to start looking for a used jogging stroller or save up for the one I registered for because it seems cool! I am so grateful I was able to bedrest from work last week and get some hours since since I had already been docked for a week and a half. So glad my school is on Winter Break this week and next while I'm on bedrest because that way I won't lose on my maternity leave. I will be off of bedrest in a couple of weeks and then I am planning on going back to work and our midwife wants to put me back on an exercise regimen of walking, yoga, basic exercises in order to strengthen up a bit before labor! Hoping I make it to 38 weeks! I am thinking January 15th is a good birthday since it was also MLK Jr.'s birthday and he has always been one of my heroes- I was born in MLK. Jr. Hospital in L.A. so I learned about him at an early age. Definitely think NYE would be too soon and his birthday would always be overshadowed by each new year. His cousin's 1st birthday is on the 8th and I think it would not be fun for them to have to share a birthday every year. His great grandmother's is on the 7th which would be nice but that's too close to the 8th! Then his oldest cousin's is the 19th- but he is turning 14 so that would be good! His actual due date isn't until the 25th so we definitely are not in a rush! I think anytime after mid-January would be great! :] 
Our next appointment is in two days! Just want to hear that everything is going great and kinda figure out where we go from here. From here on out, we go every single Friday until delivery! Insane!
Weeks 34 & 35 in Pictures:
Winter-wear with a baby bump is my faaavorite!

Working while on bedrest

So proud of my door silencer! Took me forever to figure it out but it beat buying it!

My baby cardigans! So in love!

Couldn't ask for better girlfriends! <3
"This is the Life we Live!"
Christmas Eve in bed watching "A Christmas Story" for the first time!

Bedrest from my office. Lucky girl!

obsessed with fruit bowls!

Another couple hours on my office couch!

Hand on the baby bump with my most prized piece of jewelry!

Made fun ornaments for our tree and all my favorite little ones! 
I lay and craft, he watches TV, haha!
Amazing dinner left my plate clean while Honey just looked on patiently! Thanks, Becca-chan! <3
In love with my baby bump!

Geoff & I made treat bags for the nurses when we go in for L&D!
My everyday bedrest buddy spent a day at the Dog Spa!

She sleeps a lot! 
The birthday girl being a good girl!

Lots of Honey Munster pictures! She was our first baby and she is the one other
"person" I spend pretty much 24/7 with! :] Love her, even though she can
be so grumpy at times! EIGHT years old! Eeek! <3

bare baby belly <3


33 Weeks and Bedrest

33 weeks, 5 days- one official week of bedrest! Got to stand for my quick picture! A pineapple?!?!
How far along? 33 weeks
Weight gain: Dropped a pound since last week :( Meaning that I am already losing muscle mass. My breakfasts and lunches this week have been healthy (the usual) but dinners have been hit and miss- so that's my only explanation for weight loss when I should be gaining a pound a week at this point. My belly is growing though! Finally bigger than my boobs! :]
Sleep: One would think that I would be sleeping a lot while on bedrest. Absolutely, positivitely, not. I think I do need to put more effort into doing that though. So yesterday, I actually took a nap. No, I slept through the day. From lunch to dinner basically! Nghttime rolled around...and that became morning time...which meant that the sun rose...and here I am...9:13am on a couple of hours of a nap! So backwards! Which is why I am not concerned about the baby not letting me sleep! haha!
Best moment this week: There are many things I am grateful for this week that I would consider best moments. Keeping it just as real, though, it is often difficult to focus on these things because bedrest is a psychological mindf*ck. No joke. I keep hearing how this is good for me (no it's not); to rest up because once baby is here...(I am not a rester); to enjoy and relax (relaxing to me is to be active); etc. etc. That, and I am alone 11 hours (on good days). Thank goodness Honey Munster is here! & thank goodness, I have family/friends who check up on me! I have appreciated every text, phone call, FB comment, visit, food- Geoff has been super happy with that delivery- magazine, snack, and Christmas tree for my room! <3 How a handful of people can make one feel so loved and supported is beyond me. Each moment of outreach has been a best moment this week. The best moment is actually knowing that tomorrow we hit 34 weeks and I get to leave my bed for a doctor's appointment (but that will be next week's best moment I'm sure)! Most importantly, the best overall part of this week is that we have managed to keep this baby inside for another week! <3
Miss anything?: Keeping my answer exactly the same because it is the obvious! Work (I am a workaholic), walking, sitting up, cleaning, organizing, moving. Mainly because I personally feel perfectly fine. It's not like I am sick. Laying in bed is NOT relaxing for me, at all. Doing all of the above is. So it will be new challenge for me (which I do love challenges)!
Movement: Active little guy in there! Glad I can still say that and I already can tell I'm going to miss feeling him move around. He spends all day and night with me, pitter pattering away, letting me know that life is bigger than all of this, and bringing me back to his amazing miraculous reality.
Food cravings: Everything always sounds nice!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope :)
Gender: baby boy!
Labor signs: I move, I contract. Don't believe me? Come over! ;)
Symptoms: My back aaaaches! Damn bedrest! :( It's SO uncomfortable. The contractions are super uncomfortable too! My belly tightens up so tight it takes my breath away and the pressure starts to build like a volcano for anywhere between 30 seconds-3 minutes! It feels like my belly is going to explode! I have to breathe through them so I can focus. Sometimes it hurts, not like the baby is going to come out, but like my belly is about to literally burst. 
I've also have gotten really stuffed up. Not sick, just sinuses! I had been reading for months that this is a super common pregnancy symptom but luckily hadn't experienced it until now.
Belly button in or out?: At this very moment it is out because he is pushing right up against it, but in another minute it'll go right back in, haha! It's insane! and SOOOOO soft, haha!
Wedding rings on or off?: on
Happy or Moody most of the time?: All of the above. Staying positive, but allowing myself to say that this sucks! haha! Gotta do this for the baby! Not me!
Looking forward to: finishing everything this weekend- because Geoff will be able to be home for longer than a couple of hours before bedtime! We have to finish the nursery (washing all his clothes, packing our hospital bag/diaper bag, etc.)! We have an Amazon shipment coming in today so I'm looking forward to finally having crib sheets and a bunch of must-have accessories. We are also getting baby gates for later because we found a great deal on them. Still have to decide what other things are necessary. Do we really need the breathing monitor? Should we spend $100 on the Ergobaby carrier? Should I attempt to Moby Wrap prior to the baby being here? Do I really need a Woombie or should I wait to see if my double swaddle method will work? Do I need the bassinet sheets or should I just use regular blankets? What baby book is the best? I found "My Baby Book" and it seems sweet enough! What's the best shopping cart cover- or do I need one? I registered for a really pretty one but now Idk! haha! Should i splurge on the Bjorn Babysitter- I love how basic and non-baby it is! & does the Windi work? Should I get it now or wait to see if he has colic! Should I start looking for a jogging stroller now? Or save up for the one I registered for? Ahhh, see? These are the RANDOM thoughts that just went through my mind as I typed. Oh yes, YOU are MY friend. Go figure, haha!

Week 33 in pictures!

Honey Munster has her eye focused on the Sophie prize!
I got to "bedrest" in the nursery & read Oliver a great book! Haha!
My first care package! Haven't read them yet! Waiting 'til disastrous boredom hits!

My belly mid-contraction. Can you tell how hard and pushed out it gets?
Oliver prefers my right side!
Geoff leaves me breakfast, lunch and snacks in my lunch pail. <3
Love my handful. <3
My bedrest buddy!
How Geoff and I keep track of contractions! 
Hello from Bedrestland!
Honey & Baby Bump!
Her mornings consist of sunbathing, then curling up next to me for some sleep.
She is currently snoring right now, haha!
wearing ODCM <3
Just a random page from the book I was reading...
Bedrest! He thinks it's awesome. I'm fed up! haha!
So sad. Bad timing. :(

I had been wanting to try these- they're good but bad for you :(

I have been searching for this new sewing machine for so long and now it is sold out everywhere.
I  almost shed a tear!

Almost 8.5 months pregnant with our One & Only.

Eye on the Prize!
Working from home is a blessing! I'll take whatever hours I can get!


Week 32

No chalkboard this crazy week. Mirror shot at 32w3d

How far along? 32 weeks
Weight gain: Still at 18 pounds- weird! Probably starting to lose muscle mass because I've been eating tons of junk but not working out!
Sleep: Same ol'!
Best moment this week: NOT having a premie baby at 32w5d! Holy crap! Baby Oliver D Cruz really wants to be born in 2012! I have been having contractions for quite a while now and albeit somewhat getting used to them I had been noticing in the last week or so how much more frequent and intense they were getting. I even blogged about it last week and as soon as I hit my third trimester, stopped my typical workouts. Last Thursday (November 29th) my contractions were on top of each other, 5 minutes apart. I was on the road to my very first counselors' conference in Phoenix. Eek. I wasn't in any pain but did feel a lot of pressure. I returned home Friday (posted pictures last week from the wedding we attended), and on Saturday and Sunday we had a garage sale to have our own little fundraiser. I kept having contractions but not as bad as Thursday. On Monday, I decided to call Susie, our midwife, and tell her what was going on. She asked me a ton of questions but decided I should keep her on-call in case I felt any other symptoms. On Tuesday, the massive contractions were back. I counted over 30 throughout the day, at one point 8 in an hour. 6=hospital. So first thing Wednesday morning I called Susie and told her. She had me come in for a FFN (fetal fibronectin test). She said that 90% of them are negative, meaning that I wouldn't go into labor in the next two weeks (99% accuracy rate). Sweet! She explained that a positive didn't necessarily mean labor time (60% of the time it did). It basically would mean that traces of FFB were found, which is the "glue" that holds everything in place; it starts to dissolve when you go into labor. At 1pm, I got a text from her to call her and while I was teaching, I am pretty sure I said "Oh, shit," aloud because I knew that meant positive. Class ended 10 minutes later and I called Geoff and told him we should 3-way her because I knew it was bad news. And it was. She sent us to the hospital immediately. We both went straight from work and arrived around 1:30pm. By a little past 2pm, I was in a minty green gown, with my very first IV of fluids and antibiotics, a steroid shot for Baby's lungs to develop in case he were to come, and Terbutaline shots every 20 minutes to stop contractions. Well, the 2 doses of that shot did nothing for me except make my heart race harder than ever- I could feel my heartbeat in each of my fingertips! Crazy! Susie ordered an ultrasound as well to check the length and opening of my cervix. A couple of hours later we learned that it was closed and measuring at 3.7cm! NOT labor! YAY!! So excited! We could go home and take it easy! We felt so well taken care of! Our friend was one of our nurses and the head of L&D is someone I know so she even came to pay us a visit! Everyone kept commenting on how tight and tiny my belly is! Felt pretty good to feel in shape at a time like this ;)
They mentioned that Susie probably wouldn't even come by because everything was looking so good! But then she showed up on her way home to check on us- and thank God she did! She said she just wanted to check my cervix herself. She is very anti checking because it can cause complications but something told her to...For the record, getting checked is PAINFUL! I had no idea!!! Way worse than a gyno appointment & those suck! As soon as she got up to my cervix she exclaimed "Oh, honey....!" I was 2 cm dilated (your cervix, NOT vagina- as I previously thought, opens) and 50% effaced (the softening of your cervix to allow the baby to come out). To make matters worse his head had lowered into position and he kept pushing down during each contraction- even had one with her in there. Not good at all. If she wouldn't have checked I would have progressed into delivery by this weekend. If I would have hit 5 cm, it would have been too late for any interventions to stop labor. She consulted with the doctor she works under and came back and with tears in her eyes explained what would happen next:
-We were being admitted into the hospital and going to be started on a different medication to slow down contractions (Procardia). If it worked, I could go home. If not, I would move onto Magnesium Sulfate but could only be fed through an IV and has pretty rough side effects.
-She would have to put me on bedrest, but allow bathroom privileges. Susie had told us earlier that she isn't a believer of bedrest. The Director of L&D told us the same. Bedrest is something of the past because 1. you lose muscle mass/strength which does not prep you for L&D (labor and delivery); 2. It causes financial stress because you use up all your leave and by the time baby comes you either have no income, or are forced back to work right away); 3. It plays psychological games with your mind because you are so inactive; and 4. for women with children, it is the greatest burden. Unfortunately, we went into being a "high-risk pregnancy" and this was our only option.
-If Baby ODCM were to be born NOW, he would immediately have to go to NICU, be in an incubator, we wouldn't get to hold him for about 2 weeks, but we would be allowed to sit by him and touch him. I would get released from the hospital with no baby, and have to visit everyday. Now, keeping it real, this check does NOT have anymore emotional strength to go through this again. My husband is such a miracle in my life. His life is a miracle. I have sat by him multiple times for months on end, not being able to hold him, hug him, and not know what all these tubes mean and if he will even make it. The possibility of our beyond-a-miracle baby going through this, I can't even finish typing...
-So I got admitted into the hospital for the first time in my entire life- well, I guess since my stint at Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital in South Central L.A. for my birth. We took a dose of Procardia (every 8 hours and another shot of steroids for baby's lungs 24 hours later.
-In the morning, Susie came to check for labor progress. She was happy to report that I was still at 2cm/50% and Baby's head was still low but no longer pushing out! Yay! Contractions had slowed down, as well, although still present, no longer off the chart and on top of each other. This meant that we could go home and start our FOUR WEEK bedrest stay. Oh vey.
-I kept asking if there was anything I could have done differently to avoid preterm labor. Especially with how active I had been. She assured me (every.single.time I managed to sneak in asking in a different way) that there was absolutely nothing I could have done. If I would have not maintained my level of activity, it would have been not good for the baby and I since I was already so active. This made me feel better because I have gotten SO many comments already saying "Oh, you should have REALLY stopped working out!" As if I brought this onto my baby and body. :( It's very hurtful because I did my research, I was encouraged by my initial doctor and two midwives, and I am a professionally accredited personal trainer. I know my stuff. Yet, I get judged and it just sucks. I just want to educate people. Being pregnant in no way means you get to eat fries (yum) and do nothing all day. It has allowed me to be more free with what I eat but health has been my main priority. NOT vanity, although that is my second reason. Whose isn't? When Geoff got Cancer the first time, we changed everything about our health, nutrition and fitness. We were vegeterian for almost 2 years! & we are still primarily vegeterian with occasional meat. I started working out to stay HEALTHY. I got really turned on by the results I would see and became good at motivating others to do the same. Then I decided to educate myself and put myself through classes, research, books, working at a gym, and finally took a one of the toughest accrediting tests in the nation and passed back in the beginning on August. I KNOW my stuff. Despite this, I am a sensitive girl with tons of feelings of love for others, so to be judged, albeit not with any malicious intent, it hurts. I wouldn't change a thing about my pregnancy because no matter what I would be in the same spot (in bed) that I am today. I have never felt stronger, healthier and better about myself than being a fit, pregnant, educated girl. :)
-Today marks my first full day at home of bedrest. I am already struggling emotionally and physically. Of course, a lot of this is selfish and I am absolutely aware and guilty of feeling this way. At least, I'm home. It could be a lot worse. & it's the weekend (the one we took off to be in LA one last time before the holidays for my 7 year old niece's birthday). But at least Geoff comes home today to me and gets to spend it with me. & hopefully, I can work something out where I can work from home and still get paid something. Especially with this hospital stay bill being generated as I type, I am sure. I will do anything in my power to not become a whiny baby myself because I am still very blessed, very lucky and very willing to push forth to do EVERYTHING in my power to keep this baby in. I am determined, motivated and willing. With every ounce of who I am, I will do ANYTHING for this baby of ours.
Miss anything?: :) Work ( I am a workaholic), walking, sitting up, cleaning, organizing, moving. Mainly because I personally feel perfectly fine. It's not like I am sick. Laying in bed is NOT relaxing for me, at all. Doing all of the above is. So it will be new challenge for me (which I do love challenges)! I also really am missing my families. I was SO set and excited to see them.
Movement: Same as last week. Everytime he stretches, it kinda hurts. Especially when he hits my hip. Ouch!
Food cravings: Dessert is always nice!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope :)
Gender: our sweet, crazy baby boy who is ready to play, meet all his loved ones and wear his rad wardrobe. <3
Labor signs: ;)
Symptoms: numb back and achy back, lol! Go figure, took me over 8 months to feel achy and it's because of laying down hahaha! I also feel anxiety with this medicine! :/
Belly button in or out?: In and out! Insane! I finally had to change my belly button ring to a flexible, pregnant one!
Wedding rings on or off?: on
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy, relieved, worried, stressed, anxious, grateful, blessed.

I want to especially thank (although I don't think they read this) two girlfriends who were so there this last weekend while we were doing our yard sale. Bre came over and stayed since 6:30am both Saturday and Sunday to keep us company throughout our entire garage sale. For no reason other than being there for us. On Sunday, our friend Leah, came and spent some time, too because she read how bored we were. Sunday evening, she asked us to come over to her house and sent us home with a gazillion things to borrow for our baby (wedge, bottle warmer, wipe warmer, baby food maker, etc., etc., and even bought the baby a swing. Insane.
When we were in the hospital, Geoff decided to keep our closest loved ones updated throughout the process. They were so warm and available for us for anything. We really have the most amazing support group ever. ODCM is sooo loved, it brings warmth to my heart and tears to my eyes. This baby is unlike any other and we all feel it. 
Our friend, Flo, texted and sent some last minute necessities she noticed we still needed. Amazing.
The generosity, friendship, family-ness, shown by these very few individuals will never go unnoticed, uncherished, and will always be paid forward. Thank you to that handful of you who are there for us at the drop of a hat....or at the first sign that we need you without.even.asking.
The little things mean the biggest to us. So beyond grateful for you guys.
Looking forward to: smooth transitions, tying up loose ends (birth plan, nursery, hospital bag, buying all his necessities, etc), keeping this baby bun in the oven!!! <3

Week 32 in pictures!
Rose gold arm candy!
Comfy Christmas at work day! The day I went into preterm labor without knowing!
Cleaning out my wallet- one of my absolute favorites. G&J=ODCM<3

Still haven't repeated an outfit since last year!
More wallet fun <3
Honey Munster at our lonely garage sale!
Baby suspenders!? Ahh!

1. contractions charted- G has better pictures of he bottom far left one where you can see how off the chart it is. Everyone was so surprised by my lack of pain, lol.
2. first ever hospital gown.
3. cuddles in tiny bed with the best husband this girl could EVER want. <3
4. 4am and my lover sleeps soundly. Rest up, Homie, you'll need it ;)
5. Day 2 at the hospital
6. We're home!

Tori Spelling's baby collection was waiting for me when I got home! Baby bum gloves! Ahh!

This would have been my last meal before labor, haha! Pregnant breakfast!
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