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// 17 months //

Age: Seventeen months- oh, man. This weekend I was asked a million times how old he is and I would say a year + a couple of months! Now, he is one month short of a year and a half and this mama is in hardcore denial! I truly hope I take in each day of these next 7 months before I can no longer deny I have my very own toddler!

Stats: I have to weigh him to see if he has grown, haha!
Activities: Still obsessed with containers, lids, tupperware, filling up anything that is empty (water, sorting, toys); loves to point out anything that resembles a ball, truck, airplane or bus; identifying eyes, nose, ears and mouth on anybody that has one; copying everything that we do- most hilarious: when we throw our heads back in laughter or slap our knees. 

Moods: Definitely less tantrums this month. But still gets frustrated and wants to throw everything around him, or hit. But we stay on top of him to not show his aggression in a violent way. Haha. Still happiest, smiliest little guy! It's so weird when he is silent or serious. I took him on a few playdates this month, and it was weird when he didn't warm up to others right away. I know that at this age, they are not necessarily social with other babies, but it weirds me out to actually experience it. 

Sleep: Ahhh, still waking up multiple times a night, most nights. Not sure why! This mama is tired! If we have any evening activities, it throws off his bedtime schedule and he seems more restless. No matter what time he finally goes to sleep or how many times he wakes up through the night, he is still awake bright and early, though, haha!
Words: He is so good at repeating most words we say! 
-agua (water in Spanish)
-all of our relatives names
-pan (bread in Spanish)

This weekend he put together his first sentence! "Dog-dog ni-ni!" Ah, be still my heart!

It is the most amazing thing to talk to him and have him understand what we say! I can ask him to please bring me his diapers and wipes, and even though he hates to get them changed, he will bring them to me! It blows my mind and is also a reminder to be careful with what we say and do, haha!

Favorite Foods: still all fruits (bananas and strawberries are #1, though), bread, cottage cheese or greek yogurt, water, crackers & smoothies. & those damn pouches- I literally cannot take him down the baby food aisle!! still an amazing eater!

Nursing: Ah, cannot even wrap my mind around the fact that we are still nursing at 17 months! We have actually been nursing a lot more than once a night this last month. Especially with the late-night wake ups. It is simply easier. We went out of town for a four days and his sleep schedule was hours late. He wanted to co-sleep which I was fine with, until after the second night and I was so raw from him insisting on nursing literally all night long. 

Favorite Things: This last month has definitely been anything with Daddy (Dad)! Baby boy has (finally) become obsessed! So so awesome to see their relationship soar and blossom. Even to the point of not wanting me and insisting on Dad instead. Makes my heart so happy! 
Oliver also got his first bike, a little strider. The very first time he got on it, he knew what to do! total natural! So between that, his cars, & blender, he is smitten! Also, obsessed with playing basketball, soccer and baseball!

Signature Moves: Oh man, the cutest thing: you put your toy on the ground (or look for something under the couch), and lay on your tummy, spread your legs and kick your little feet! Cutest little thing ever!

Mommy's Proudest Moment: Um, yeah. Throwing a temper tantrum as the mama. Not my proudest or finest moment(s). I have realized that life is so different and acting like a child, myself, will only hurt my baby boy. So time for this mama to shape up and realize the example I am setting! 

Daddy's Proudest Moment: Oliver got his first hair cut by Daddy this month....and Daddy accidentally snipped off a little more than he originally intended. Oops. Thank goodness, our baby boy is such a hipster!

This Month's Highlights:
- on Memorial Day, Oliver went to visit his late Great-Grandpa Frank. He promised to take care of Nana for him. That week, while at her house, her doctor called and he overheard her say that he told her to drink more water. Without anyone telling him, he reached for her hand, took her to the kitchen, asked for "agua" and then made her drink it....repeatedly! How amazing and a true testament to God, in my opinion. 
-Oliver's room got a mini makeover! So in love with it and he loves it, too!
-He got his first bike!
-He had In-n-Out for the first time and was too cute eating his burger!
-He got his first haircut! Such a hipster!
-He had playdates with his besties!
-Enjoyed time off with mama at home!
-He sat through Auntie Sarah's dance recital for hours and did so great! Daddy even danced with Sarah- how fun!
-We celebrated Daddy's second Father's Day! He loved everything we crafted him and got him!
-We traveled to L.A. We spent time with our family, best friends, had a playdate, and photoshoot, too! Got to take you to Venice for the first time, you went bowling for the first time, and had a blast!
-Such a fun month!


// dear time...//

Dear Time,

You are a sneaky little bastard! Some days, you make me sad, and others, you make me happy. This bipolar extremes vary, not only per day, but also per hour. Let me explain...

On Mondays, it is pretty much guaranteed that a co-worker, student, and I will turn to each other and say, "Is it Friday, yet?!" A fresh week is upon us and we are already mourning the loss of the weekend. Mondays are nothing but mundane, yet full of a rush of the hours ticking by as tiny, neat boxes get checked off my fresh 'to-do' list for the week. My penmanship is still neat and the list appears organized and goal-oriented. I am usually exhausted, because, weekend, duh. If anything goes wrong, it is an unspoken rule to forgive it with the "it's Monday" excuse...By Tuesday, I am wondering if it's actually Thursday; my to-do list grows as other boxes get checked off. By Wednesday, everyone is making 'hump-day' references and trying to get through the latter part of the week. Then Thursday comes around and my list is now messy, with a million add-ons, crossed out items, and little arrows depicted what should have happened and last minute appeals to get there. Then Friday...oh Friday. How you are loved. You bring hopes of the weekend (unless I have to work). You are the glimmer of hope and lessened expectations. You have taught me to add the unchecked boxes to next week's agenda, and just breathe easier.

Then the weekend is here! Hallelujah! Now, Time, you get me good. You remind me that you go by faster than you should. My baby is growing, learning new things every day. Showing me that he is entering toddlerhood in full force, without letting me hold onto that babyness that I yearn for. With every milestone he reaches, we celebrate his accomplishment; yet it tugs at our hearts because we know that we will never get back the day or moment before the present. Sure, we have our memories, but we don't get ample time to relish in his tinyhood. You tricky bastard, you. The long days and nights of worry, frustration, incessant crying, that I wished would got me, you got me good. Just like those Monday mornings that I wish would speed up, I realize now that I am also speeding up everything else in my life. You remind me that I have to catch up with my friends that I haven't gotten the chance to talk to all week! You remind me to hang out with my husband. To date him. You remind me that life is, indeed, too short. Cliche, if you will, but true, nonetheless. & my internal clock, tells me to hurry up and do it all, because before I know it, it's Sunday and it's time for the chores and prep for the week to start all over again.

Ah, Time. One moment I am wishing you would hurry up, the other I am pleading for you to slow down. Where has the time gone? Am I taking advantage of you? Am I relishing in the moments I realize I need to appreciate what you give me? Regardless, I am grateful for you.

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