Mamahood Styled


Taking Stock

Making : Cinnamon Clothing Co. designs
Cooking : everything from scratch with fresh ingredients- Love!
Drinking : water & green tea (every day)!
Reading: blogs
Wanting: some 'me' time
Looking: forward to our tomorrow
Playing: with Oliver every single day
Wasting: time procrastinating sleep every night
Sewing: clothes for my baby boy
Wishing: for three day weekends, every weekend
Enjoying: the mad rush at work// the quiet right before a bell rings
Waiting: for today's workout time
Liking: when things fall into place
Wondering: what tomorrow will bring
Loving: my family
Hoping: to not be tired anymore
Marvelling: at the way things turn out
Needing: more nights of O fast asleep, and Geoff bringing home massive amounts of ice cream for us to enjoy for an hour of doing nothing together <3
Smelling: my morning oats
Wearing: a dress that juuuust may be a tad bit too short...oops! All subjective, right?
Following: my own rules today
Noticing: that it is quite windy outside today
Knowing: it will all be okay
Thinking: about today's long to do list
Feeling: satisfied & busy
Bookmarking: must-dos
Opening: snail mail is my favorite ever
Giggling: with him
Feeling: tired and okay
Original on The Daybook, Thanks, Sydney! <3


15 months

odcm <3
Age: Fifteen months?! Seriously, baby boy?! Why is time flying by? I am grateful for your health and tenacity for life, but I do wish I was less busy to soak in all that you are- every itty bit of you, every day. You are, undoubtedly, heaven-sent. You are my wild. 

Stats: I was way off on my estimates! You are actually 27 lbs and 33 inches (97th and 98th percentile- the size of an average two-year old). You grew 2 inches and 2 pounds since your first birthday! 
Activities: These days you are all over the place! Running, climbling, trying to be involved in everything around you! Some days you just want to be on us, while other moments, you just want to be independent. You really are your own little soul. 
Moods: You now throw tantrums. & we walk away, every. single. time. 
Sure, you're beautiful & you are unique. But that does not mean you get to be bratty, rude and/or disrespectful. So time-outs do happen. You throw fits, and even if we are in public, you are left to sort it out. When you are ready, we explain our reasoning and tell you what would be a better behavior for next time. You'll understand soon, if you already don't. ;) Don't be a little turd, okay?
Oh, that smile, that laugh. Literally, brightening the world since Day 1. It is beyond me. I have never, ever witnessed a baby, a child, be so happy and smiley. Even when you are upset. Making you smile or laugh is not a task. The only times it is, is when you are tired. haha! Go figure. 
Sleep: You now sleep through the night! Well...kinda...You still wake up once or twice a night, but we let you settle down on your own. If you really need us, you insist and we are there...but we have struggled to get you to sleep for so long- an entire year, actually! I'm sleepy even as I type this! haha! & the last few nights, you actually tell me you want to go "ni', ni!" Miracle! haha! You wake up every morning at 6:45am and go to bed at 8:15pm on a good night. Some nights you fight it for an hour or two...ahhh! You take one or two naps during the day, (either early morning and early afternoon or one mid-day longer nap). You like to be rocked to sleep, or if you're home with me, you want me to dance with you... and you fall asleep on my shoulder for your day time nap....which totally, makes me a pile of mush. At night, you still want to nurse to sleep.

Words: Your language is soaring! You say:
-ni' ni' (night night)
-ah ah ahh (which means no)
-knock knock
-quack quack
-grampa (loud and clear, haha)
-hot (you whisper it which melts us, haha- and you use it for cold stuff, too)
-bnana (banana)
-baba (bottle)
-at (hat)
-gamma (grandma)
-kit kat (nana's cat)
-tito (abuelito)
-uh, oh
-vroom & an exhaust sound (car)
-awa (water in Spanish)
You can sign:
-all done
-I don't know
-come here

Your pediatrician was beyond impressed by your words! He said high for a 15 month old is 7 words! Haha!

Favorite Foods: You are still obsessed with food and will eat anything and everything! Your favorites are bananas, apples, strawberries, smoothies (you literally act like the world is over if we can't get one to you fast enough and you see it- same for pouches); puffs; broccoli; sweet potatoes; we found out you love pizza; brown rice; quinoa; green beans; carrots; cauliflower; turkey breast; chicken breast; avocado; oatmeal; pancakes; toast; the list goes on and on. You are not picky and we are grateful. You did start to spit out tomatoes this week- but they still go on your plate every time we have them because it always depends on your mood. I don't think I'll ever stop offering you don't like, haha! We do not "baby" any of your meals- you eat what we eat and eat healthy. We have given you some treats- Yogurtland- which made you the most hyper I have ever seen you, since you don't have sugar, and I think your grandparents have given you a bite of dessert, here and there. ;)

Nursing: I cannot believe we are still nursing! FIFTEEN MONTHS! That's a year and three months! Wow, after the horrible struggle we have had with breastfeeding, I cannot believe we even made it through that first month. I definitely will write my breastfeeding journey soon. We have been weaning for the last few months- the mamas who wean in a week--- I have no clue how you have done it!! I stopped pumping mid-December and had enough frozen, pumped milk saved up until March. I was nursing him first thing in the morning, right after work, before bed, and in the middle of the night. As of now, we are only nursing at night. We are not in a huge hurry to stop and Oliver is definitely calling the shots with this. Which I am 110% okay with. I'd like to have him not nurse to sleep, but I treasure our time together. <3
Favorite Things: your blender- you know exactly how to put it together, blend up your fake fruit, and slurp your smoothie! haha, cutest thing! You also love your cozy coupe and your pedal car. Any time an airplane flies by you insist on being taken outside to watch it fly over you. You are in love with being outside and running wild! You looove taking things apart and putting them back together! You love "walking" Honey Munster and taking her outside. You love rocks- obsessed. You love throwing them. You love your family so much!
Signature Moves: This baby boy still loves to turn on the radio and start dancing. Daily! The cutest thing! 
Mommy's Proudest Moment: My phone fell on your face while I was texting and you were nursing!! So sorry, Bubba! haha! Just like the old days! Also, while carrying you, I bumped you in the wall twice...oops! You never seem phased by any of this, though, haha!
Daddy's Proudest Moment: Running up to Oliver to tickle him and accidentally knocking him down to the point of tears- mind you, Oliver rarely cries if he falls! haha!


Life after Cancer

Today we are going to our local Relay for Life event. It is always an emotional and humbling experience to be surrounded by hundreds of Cancer survivors. It is empowering and reminds us of the battles we have been through. It is equally heartbreaking to see the thousands of decorated lunch bags lighting the track we walk on. Each bag represents either a survivor or someone whose life is being represented and celebrated.
Every year, I am humbled and beside myself. I cannot believe that we have been through this twice already...and I pray every day that we do not have to go through it, ever again. I am celebrating life today. I am celebrating my husband. I am celebrating those we know that have gone to Heaven. & I am celebrating the hardships we have been through and vividly remember the two separate days we were told that Geoff had survived. I am celebrating our loved ones who have cheered us on. I am celebrating the nearly impossible miracle that is our baby boy.
Sadly, most of us have been personally touched by Cancer...days of awareness and celebration and remembrance and crucial to keep us thinking, researching, doing...Because since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I have prayed to never, ever have to relive all of this through my son or his daddy ever again...and even though only one of those prayers was answered, my two men are still with me...& for that, I am eternally grateful.

Life after Cancer is proactive; we attempt to love life and have the  PMA mindset all day, err'day! Definitely does not always happen, ha! I wish! But we do definitely try & prioritize. <3


Easter 2014

Oh, Easter 2014, you sure did spark something new in me. My memories of Easter growing up are two-fold. One comes from a distant memory captured in old 35mm developed film. My older sister and I in matching outfits, with perfectly clean shoes, ribbons in our hair (well mine, because my head was shaved- don't ask), and bright white tights. I can clearly see these pictures in my head...the memory I do remember is peeking through our bedroom window into the neighbors as they searched for eggs- something that we didn't get to do...I don't even know why...but Easter simply wasn't celebrated at the time- although, the pictures of me circa 1988 prove otherwise...

This year, with Oliver, something struck me. I realized how important Easter is. I have always been extremely spiritual, albeit not necessarily religious. But having a baby, especially a miracle baby, restores the need for faith and passing that belief down to your baby.

Easter Sunday
Because my faith has gotten me through so much in life. My God has rejoiced with me in times of happiness and has gotten me the toughest hardships I have been through. I thank Him every day for my life and everyone in it. I pray multiple times a day for everyone and everything I can think of. So this Easter, beyond the excitement of building new traditions, making themed pancakes, wearing bunny ears, and gift-giving, I enjoyed teaching our baby about our faith...
& it was beautiful, for me.

We spent Easter Saturday with our family and enjoyed seeing Oliver search for eggs with some serious concentration and lack of a nap, with his cousin (they are almost exactly one year apart). On Easter Sunday, we went out to the desert and had a picnic and did a little egg hunt, some off-roading, and hiking. It was a pretty splendid and faith-filled weekend for us. Feliz Semana Santa!
Easter 2013


Bottom lips & tears

Last night, our baby boy was fighting sleep harder than he fights for food. He has never been a good sleeper. He is at the end of his 14th month and it wasn't until after 12 months that he started sleeping through the night. Since then, he has struggled with teething which has caused him to wake up numerous times throughout the night. We tried so many different methods (co-sleeping, cry-it-out/ferber, not crying it out, nursing, bottle, oats with his breastmilk) and seriously, nothing we instilled worked! It was all about him! Anyway, I'm digressing because this has nothing to do with the title of this post. Last night, he was taking a break from nursing in hopes of him tiring out by running around, when he went to pull out a charger from an outlet. Geoff and I both sternly told him not to, and he turned around and looked at us knowing he wasn't supposed to do that. He proceeded to take the plastic little apple he blends every day in his toy blender (obsessed!), and chucks it at my face! I was so surprised, I didn't even have a second to react. Geoff grabbed him and was scolding him, and I go to do the same- he looks at me and his little big bottom lip sticks out and starts to quiver for the very first time. Up to this point, if we raise our voices, scold him, discipline him, etc. he is unphased. Actually, he laughs and doesn't understand we are serious. Well, it about broke my heart with mama emotions and I started bawling! Haha! He kept pouting and then reached over and flung his little chubby arms around my neck, gave me besitos and rested his little head on my chest for a second. My sweet, baby boy. 

Then, I was finally able to nurse him to sleep. & Geoff decided that a late-night ice cream run was absolutely needed to further mend our little hearts. I tried to resist it but decided he was right. xo

P.S. See that little bunny straw cup on the floor? I bought it last year and hoarded it until this Easter for him. Two days before Easter, he threw it and it broke. I was sad so on Saturday, we bought a new cup to screw on the bunny cap...and then this was this morning...I only had to warm up my oats 5 times today! And in some twisted way, I would never trade any of this for anything in this world.

Happy Monday! :) 


DIY Shellac

The nail polish collection is pretty much out of control. The amount of nail polishes I have acquired over time requires an entire drawer in my bathroom!
dozens and dozens of layered polishes!
I just love a fresh pair of polished hands! Looks so clean and with so many ways to design them, the possibilities are endless. I always tell Geoff that painting my nails is like him painting his cars or bikes. He is always trying to think of new ways to re-paint things. We are both pretty pro at each of these. But my nail polishes never last! Despite how many top coats or clear coats, layers, etc., I can pretty much chip a nail by the end of the day. Which is why I am so excited to share this DIY Shellac hack! I have seen these around on Pinterest and the name of this gel-like nail polish stuck in my head; unfortunately, I do not remember where I originally found it to give proper credit, but it took me a few trial and errors to find the method that worked for it. Even though I love Shellac, and I love the Sally Hansen sticker nail polish strips, I love that this is so much cheaper! It took me a few trial and errors to experiment the right combination but you guuuuyssss, it lasted 5 days with very minimal chips!!! By Day 6, they chipped a bit more and by Day 7, it was time to reapply. But really, I could have easily spot-treated them!
Day 2

Day 1
Day 3- I match my office walls ;)

So now that you are as excited as I am, get your booty up and go to a Sally's Beauty Supply (or you can find it on Amazon here) and buy this:
Gelous- Advanced Nail Gel Coat

& a good quality top coat. I have used this one from Sally's and so far it has worked so I am going to continue using it!
Diamond Dry Top Coat Brilliance from Sally's

Pink Buffer from Sally's

Materials Needed:

-Nail Polish of choice
-top coat of choice


-1 thin coat of gelous
-1 thin coat of polish
-1 thin coat of gelous
-1 thin coat of polish
-1 thin coat of clear coat

-gently file/buff the tops of your nails to smooth them out, prior to applying anything...then wash and rinse them well, and thoroughly dry them!
- thin coats are key, in my opinion! When you dip your brush in the little bottle, remove excess from both sides and then wait a second or two to let the polish resettle into the brush bristles!
-at the end of each nail, sweep the gelous to create a seal at the edge of each fingernail.
-& probably the most important, let your nails FULLY DRY between each coat. If you successfully apply a thin coat, they will be dry in a minute or two! Those thick applications are the ones that take an eternity to dry- and we ALL know how much that sucks! (or you are ready to go, think they're dry and you have to pull something out of your purse...and that's when you realize your nails are NOT dry)! Oops!

Day 4
Day 4: small chip but looks like an easy fix!

Let me know if you try it out! I am so excited for this because now I can do my nails Sunday and have a pretty good manicure for the work week, with small touch-up's for the weekend! Woot!

Edit: I found an awesome tutorial by lovely Corrine at Mint Arrow! She uses an additional base coat that I will be trying out soon! Exciting!

What are your favorite nail finds or tips/tricks to a longer DIY mani?

On life and love.

I have found myself in a funk lately. Although, I am unsure what the specific reason is, I think deep down inside I am aware of how changes in life are the root to my current disposition. I have had a tough life. A hard life. A life full of hardships, sadness, destruction, unhappiness, poverty, name it, I have been through it. & yet, I have always found the optimism in it. I have always held on tightly to whatever light at the end of that mysterious tunnel that I can fathom. I have worked hard, struggled, used every tear of disappointment to be my driving force towards happiness. Ultimately, that is ALL I want out of my life. Happiness. The happiness that is spelled out by a light heart; the kind of happiness that makes you laugh so hard your abs hurt and you can barely breathe. The happiness that makes you take a deep breath, look around, and simply beam. Where you appreciate everything and everyone around you.

& sometimes, some days, most days...I am there. But in keeping it raw and real, lately I have not been. I have found happiness throughout my day, but not that innate happiness that is contagious and what I believe is the reason I have been blessed with loved ones around me. Instead, I have felt frustrated; I have been able to cry, pretty much at command...I have doubted myself; doubted where I am in life and questioned where I am going.

But, I see a beacon of light in the horizon. I feel as if I am evolving. I am coming out of my cocoon and peeking out into the sunshine to see what God has blessed me with. I am ready to truly confront where I am in life, who is around me, and embrace both the things in life that make me happy, and the people in my life who make me happy. Because ultimately, aren't we all just chasing our happy...?


Work Style-edition (while waiting for my oats), #ootd

I am in love with style & fashion. Growing up, I remember saying I wanted to be a pediatrician and make my patients clothes, haha!  I took a sewing class in high school and learned the basics of sewing. I remember making my own bathing suit for our swim class (and I still cannot swim- but my little stick, flat-chested body was happy in my lavender two-piece)! I joined tennis in high school because the skirts and bloomers were cute (#truestory), and quickly learned it required way more talent than a cute outfit- but I did learn, haha! 

I am guilty of my own fad styles. I went through a phase of wearing whatever Gwen Stefani (front woman of the amazing No Doubt wore- even rocked some form of hot pink hair for 5 years straight)! My freshman year in college, I would only wear clothes I made, upcycled or recreated. I would go with my amazing roomie, Ally to hit up our local Goodwills and secondhand stores and imagine what how I could change it into the creation in my head. I was cutting up my then-boyfriends (now husband and baby daddy's) t-shirts before there were tutorials everywhere on how to do it. My college friends would bring stack of theirs and I had it down to a science- in 5-6 minutes I could transform it all! Instead of a computer/laptop, I had a sewing machine on my desk (thank you, Ally for your awesome desktop Mac, or else I would have failed every class)! 

I would go shopping and tell myself I could make what I wanted instead (probably a result of growing up so poor)! Half of the time, I could, while the other half were such epic fails that I could put Pinterest fails to shame! haha!

In 2005, I started Cinnamon Clothing Co. My first baby! I loved it! But I couldn't keep up with orders on my own and needed to outsource which I was not ready to do because in 2010, Geoff was diagnosed with Cancer. So I put it in hiatus. Since then, life has just gotten in the way (and Cancer again), plus a baby (#odcm), and a career change. So in the midst of all of this I found that I haven't sewed in over a year but have so many projects and fabrics just dying to be cut! I sold my old machine that my beloved high school best friend bought me for my 17th birthday and Geoff found me the most amazing machine. I finally opened it three weeks ago and it is not working. I cannot figure it out as I am not a pro, as I really self-taught myself, and the cheapest estimate to fix it is $70- which I do not want to pay...Wah! 

So while I am drawing up new ideas to relaunch Cinnamon Clothing Co., I decided to focus on my own style for inspiration. I love to mix and match and dress up. I love to dress down. I love style! I am inspired by everything and everyone around me. I have a closet that still has most of my wardrobe from high school and college and reallllly need to clear out! I went two school years (minus my maternity leave) without repeating a single outfit at work, haha!

Anyway, because I'm sad that I can't sew, I have been taking pictures of my outfits while I wait for my daily overnight oats to heat up. So excuse the horrid lighting and my awesome teacher's lounge background but this girl gets a couple minutes of a break while I wait for my daily dose of oats (which by the way, needs a post of its own, haha)!

Also, someone PLEASE teach me how to selfie! Seriously, tip me away with selfie dos & don'ts because I am not good at these at all!

My sister-student did my hair here- how amazing is it!? Wish I could do it myself!

oh, hey, dirty rag that matched my chiffon blouse!

I, obviously, matched the tile on purpose!

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