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Morse Code Kickin'

Dear Oliver,
Lately, every time I feel you kick, I feel like you're trying to morse code me a message. It also makes you feel more real, especially because my belly is currently refusing to let you seem more real to me. Most of my students still insist you are not as old as you are because they say (& show us how) their food bellies are bigger than ours. ;) Sometimes, when you kick repeatedly, you make me feel like we're hanging out together. It also shows me how strong you are. For being a foot long and a pound heavy, you are one strong buddy. Of course, we already know that because you have made it this far. You have beat every single odd against you and have made your presence known. It's incredible how often throughout the day I feel you. Even as I type this, you are kicking like no other. It cracks a smile on my face when I have to pee and you kick me and it makes me go eek! haha! You have still been giving me contractions but luckily, not enough to be a rush-to-the-hospital- kind! I know you are anxious to come and play -- trust us, we are so looking forward to holding you, playing with you and raising you to be as amazing as we already know you are-- but you gotta hang in there buddy. At least 15 more weeks! It's not much, I promise! You have to gain more weight and muscles, and grow, baby, grow. You are just as impatient and active as me! I can tell already. But I hope you gain some patience from your Daddy. It's funny how everyone who 'meets' you already tells us we're in for it. Well, we're ready! But not quite yet! A few more months to go, okay? Maybe you don't want to be born in 2013, haha. But please be patient. We'll be waiting, too!
We love you! & thanks for the conversations allll day long. Keep 'em coming.
Grow, Baby, grow!!


Week 22

Really bad quality 22 week picture! :]

How far along? 22 weeks, 3 days
Weight gain: Around 12 pounds. I have gained 2 pounds in the last 3-4 weeks which is really good considering average is 4 pounds a month at this point. :)
Sleep: So very sleepy today. Geoff has been making sure I don't sleep on my back at this point and I am finding it uncomfortable to be on my side. I feel bad sleeping on my stomach but it's safe for our Babe and I am going to do it as much as I can since it's the most comfortable right now. lol.
Best moment this week: Hearing that Oliver is growing right where he needs to be. He measured at 23 weeks at Friday's appointment (where we turned 22 weeks exactly). So that was great to hear! Along with his heartbeat, still at 155! That evening, two of our loves from L.A. also came to visit! California Love two weekends in a row! We are so blessed. We went out to a late dinner and it was SO nice to be out with Geoff in public! It felt so normal!! By the end he was exhausted but hung in there and we didn't make it to bed until past 1:30am just from pure fun! This was a major big first step! Saturday evening, we got to spend time with his parents and family and it was so fun, as well. We finally finished clearing out Oliver's nursery and it looks so great! All these moments this weekend were so awesome.
Miss anything?: The usual! ;)
Movement: Oh boy! So, Oliver hasn't been very shy with his movements. Our midwife was a little surprised to hear how early we were able to not only feel but see his movements and share them with others. She said those big movements usually aren't visible until 25 weeks or so. I told her we have been going for weeks! She keeps telling us he definitely has an active little personality already! Can't wait to meet him! Well, I further explained that often times, he bunches up and I can tell when he's about to kick and he does. She asked if this was ever followed by any pain. I told her about the pain I sometimes feel, which I looked up and is ligament stretching pain. We discussed and described this further and after lots of talking she tells us, "These movements and pains are NOT your baby kicking. You are experiencing contractions and your body is trying to go into early labor!" Hahahah, Geoff and I looked at each other shocked and started cracking up! Seriously? Oh, Oliver. You better stay in there buddy! No coming out any earlier than 37 weeks, please! That gives you a minimum of 15 weeks to go! :) We want you to stay in there and grrrooooow as healthy as can be. Pretty please! So now, I'm counting my contractions (crazy) and I am to call her and go to the hospital if we get more than 6 in an hour (along with a couple of other symptoms). So far we have only gotten up to 3 in an hour, so that's good, and it's not every hour. But it is everyday. Our Baby boy just wants to be with us already :) & although we want him to, we are perfectly happy waiting until January to see him. Who knows maybe he doesn't want to be a 2013 baby and thinks 2012 is his year! ;)
Food cravings: Cheeseburger planned for this weekend! I hope it's as good as I imagine!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Another big headache today. Poopers.
Gender: Baby O!
Labor signs: Hahaha, I always find this question to be so silly, but not anymore! Hoping for no more labor signs!
Symptoms: Peeing way too much, headaches, and huge boobs! I don't like any of these symptoms! & finally a growing belly! Not as big as it typically would be. My midwife saw me and exclaimed "you're so tiny! Are you really 22 weeks?!" She even left the room to confirm it, haha! But the good thing is our baby is growing even if I'm not! Apparently, my abdominal wall is holding in our baby nice and secure. She said that hopefully that will help with delivery and recovery! I asked if I needed to stop working out and she said not yet. Unless I felt a contraction during a workout- then I'm done! As long as this momma-to-be doesn't have to go on bed rest! Eek! But really, anything for our precious baby, so grow inside baby boy.
Belly button in or out?: Innie that wants to come out! I wonder when it'll be time to change my belly button ring!
Wedding rings on or off?: On! The only thing snug is my pants!
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Such a good weekend, nothing but smiles all around!
Looking forward to: A baby bump that looks pregnant! I ran into one of my girlfriends on Sunday morning and she even lifted up my shirt. She said my bump is not as pronounced in person as it is in pictures! Same as everyone at work! Soon it will be! I definitely have started to show! Looking forward to the next few weeks as Oliver continues to grow and my belly shows that. :)



21 weeks

Hi Oliver D. Cruz! <3

How far along? 21 weeks, 6 days
Weight gain: Still around 10 pounds, give or take 1. I hope I start embracing my growing bump soon. I think it simply needs to get bigger and look more pregnant! I must stop comparing myself to other girls who are just as far along as me and look so cute and really pregnant. I am starting to look pregnant but I feel like if it can be mistaken for weight gain, lol! Grow, belly, grow!
Sleep: Nothing really changes in this department. Pretty boring!
Best moment this week: Feeling SO loved and cared for this weekend. Saturday (Sept. 15th) was my birthday. I hadn't felt so loved in quite awhile. Or maybe it was the shift of everyone's questions being about regular stuff? Idk...but it was so beautiful. Two of my best friends  sisters came from L.A. and we spent Friday- Sunday together! Them, combined with my closest loves from AZ throughout the weekend made my heart nearly explode. I had a terribly rough week prior to this, with finding out about Oliver's kidneys and simply being overwhelmed by our current lives. I know that despite distance, I am loved. I am cared for. I also realized that I need to open up more. I feel like I am very open however, I also know that when shit hits the fan, I don't focus on it and don't call anyone up to talk about (or at least, very rarely do). I AM and hope to always be a super positive person. I think often times, even those closest to me, misinterpret me being positive/strong with me not needing anything... But life has been lonely for Geoff and I throughout this second battle with cancer and everyone has given us our space. We've been candid about our story, honest and raw. But because we are positive, the misconception is that we're strong and have it under control. Which is not always the case & it hit me hard this last week. I have always felt that I am in this world to listen to others; & I'm good at it. I love it. But I realized that with this new birthday, comes a new rebirth. At least, that's how I see my birthdays every year- a new, fresh opportunity! :) So I am taking it with me. Open up more and continue being there for those I love. Because they want to be there for me, for us, too! <3
Miss anything?: I'm a broken record. Wine, champagne, feta cheese and soft yolk eggs. Do I even need to change this line?
Movement: Our midwife said that it's usually not until 25 weeks that you start to SEE the movement and others get to experience it. Um, our baby is so hyper that for weeks we've been able to feel him and SEE his movements. This weekend, I got to share those moments with loved ones. It was so special for me, to have them make that connection with our tiny human being. 
Food cravings: Still waiting on that cheeseburger! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Migraines this week, poop!
Gender: ODCM <3
Labor signs: Of course not :)
Symptoms: Peeing every 10 minutes. This week, I peed, walked down the hall and had to turn around to pee again! haha! Insane!
Belly button in or out?: Wow, I have never ever imagined that my deep, deep innie would ever be so close to the surface!
Wedding rings on or off?: Happily on!
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Ups and downs, so moody! It's funny because the couple of times I have opened up to friends, the usual response is something along the lines of "...and it's worse because you're pregnant and have all these hormones..." ;) ! It makes me giggle. Issues are issues no matter what. Cancer sucks whether you're hormonal, no? ;) Being sad about weight gain: purely hormonal, no doubt though! :) 
Looking forward to: Our nursery being done! We have been working on it for one week! I cannot wait to have it done! So much hard work, but so much love! <3


Halfway Done!

Picture coming later today!

How far along? 20 weeks, 2 days! Halfway done! So awesome!
Weight gain: 10 lbs! Yikes! Double-digits! & to think there's still 20 more pounds to gain! Crazy but so worth it! I am sure if I wasn't working out the way I am, that number would be way high since I eat so much! 
Sleep: On and off! But I did take a nap yesterday! I worked almost 16 hours on Friday and my feet were killing me from standing all day. I also worked all morning Saturday. When I got home and had a late lunch and feel asleep for a couple of hours. It was so nice! Might work that into today's chores, too! ;) I hosted my second weekly park bootcamp. It was fun and we kicked major butt. I'm so grateful that at 5 months along I can still push hard. I know that won't last forever, but happy it is now. 
Best moment this week: Every single time Oliver Cruz moves and I/we can feel! He moves ALL the time, ALL day long! Active little guy! Geoff says his first time was the best moment in his life. <3
We are making huge progress in his nursery, as well! I can't wait to post pictures. Halfway done painting, crib is up, stroller arrived and the thing is amazing (hopefully a good carseat fits in it), refurbished glider is under construction, and fabric for curtains gets here tomorrow, hopefully! We are in search of an old dresser! We have been looking and looking with no luck! Once we have that, we will be done with all the basics. Then the fun little stuff will begin. I cannot wait!!!
My baby shower dates were set this week as well! So excited to celebrate in non-traditional ways with loved ones! <3 I love parties! haha!
Miss anything?: I'm a broken record. Wine, champagne, feta cheese and soft yolk eggs.
Movement: Everyday! 
Food cravings: The weirdest thing. I've been thinking A LOT about a cheeseburger. But I cannot remember the last time I had one. I mean I've had McD's little ones on nights that were way fun ;) but not like a charbroiled, diner, beef one. In years and years and years. I'm not talking In-n-Out meat, either; I've been thinking of a big juicy burger. But I don't eat that ever! Of course, we haven't gone anywhere- I wouldn't even know where to go! I'm thinking the Burger Lounge when we go back to California. They now have expanded past SD to LA, too. Their burgers are all grass-fed, organic, no hormones, so that may a good place to start. Plus, they make an awesome quinoa/brown rice/chickpea burger, too! ;)
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Luckily, this week I have been feeling better finally! only took 5 months! 
Gender: Beautiful Baby Boy. Our Oliver D. Cruz Montgomery. <3
Labor signs: Not yet :) 
Symptoms: Why didn't anyone warn me about leg cramps?! Holy hell! The first time I didn't attribute it to pregnancy. It was at the end of the night and my calf cramped. Ouch. Friday night (after my 16 hour standing day), I was woken up twice in dead sleep from horrid pain. It was horrendous and during the second one, I seriously wondered if I could ever go through with natural childbirth. I've always had the highest pain and endurance tolerance but lately, I'm thinking my mind will be weaker! 
My baby bump is finally showing! It is nowhere near where the average 5 month momma-to-be is at, but it will catch up soon. My midwife said from now on she will be taking fundal measurements to make sure we are where we need to be. 
I also had my first vivid pregnancy dream last night. I don't remember all of it but I remember he had grey eyes (probably because that's his main nursery color) and light hair, with brown skin. :) Everytime I see someone that looks like this, I wonder if that's what our baby will look like. There's so many different combination of outcomes we can have!!
Belly button in or out?: Innie but most definitely coming out! It's the WEIRDEST thing! It is round instead of oval and so close to the surface. I have never ever had this happen. I have a pretty deep innie and Geoff would always tease me about hiding Skittles in there. In high school, before I got my belly button pierced, I would wear jewels in my innie, lol! Weirdo!
Wedding rings on or off?: Happily on!
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy and excited. But a little bummed. This Friday, I was able to check my latest lab reports. Although everything appeared within normal ranges, our baby has a mild bilateral pyelectasis. In regular terms, it basically means that his kidneys aren't functioning properly. There are a few different routes this can go. #1 (& what we are praying for), it fixes itself before he is born & we would alert his pediatrician to keep a close eye on him; #2. He has to take medicine once he's born to regulate his kidney function; #3. He would need surgery...and probably the hardest #4. This diagnosis is a soft marker for Down Syndrome...
However, due to us not having any other makers for DS, it would be unlikely for it to be #4. Of course, the possibility is there but all of our other results and extensive tests have been within normal range. Our concrete numbers for DS ended up at 1 in over 7,000 and our other abnormalities were 1 in 10,000. (These both went up from 1 in 700 at the beginning of our pregnancy). 
Of course, we are not going to live the rest of our miraculous pregnancy thinking negatively. We are going to live it in true to us stylee; staying positive and looking toward a strong/healthy future. But it IS scary. It IS sad. To know that already there is something not functioning 100% with your unborn child is sad, scary, heavy...especially, with everything we have been through. It's difficult to see how easy is it for most everyone around us to get pregnant and have healthy, gorgeous babies. Families are expanding everywhere we look...and our situation is so delicate in superficial comparison. We are inundated in Cancer bills, recovery, our miraculous pregnancy...and now this possibility. Deep breath! I know, we know, that it will work itself out. It ALWAYS does! & I am praying every moment that our baby is healthy and precious and this little situation fixes itself. 
Looking forward to: A happy, healthy, precious life with lots of love and positivity. A healthy husband, a healthy baby boy, surrounded by the love of those who support us. <3
You are SO loved, Oliver D. Cruz Montgomery!
Your Daddy & I, along with so many friends/family
 can't wait to hold you!
Keep growing strong and healthy for as long as you need...

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