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// the LB brand: the revamped mom uniform //

you know when you find a brand that you absolutely love and can't live without? little boogaweezin, aka, the lb brand, is one of those company's for me. i still vividly remember when oliver was first born and i was up nursing him in the middle of the night. i would busy myself on instagram, finding inspiration and motivation to continue nursing from other mamas. i ran into jen's rad company and "milk drunk" baby tees. it was an absolute must-have for us! i decided that if i made it x amount of months nursing, the baby tee would be purchased! and so it began, over the seasons, we have continue to be strong supporters. Oliver has outgrown a couple of milk drunk onesies and tees, while i have rocked some mamawear, as well. when the opportunity to work with the lb brand (the mama portion of this amazing company) arose, i was so ecstatic. i was able to preview this amazing tee before it's grand launch on sept. 15th (my birthday)! 

The full blog post can be found on HERE on the Lb brand's blog. You can shop the entire collection that is beyond, HERE

Thank you Jen, for this amazing and humbling opportunity!


Jeanette Canela Montgomery

JJJName: J (Jeanette Canela Montgomery)  Age: three decades in and still in denial!  Location: currently, southwest corner of the A to the Z  # of babes: my one miracle bebe, #odcm
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How would you best describe your style?
Constantly evolving. I love steeze & expressing myself through my style. I went through an entire year of only wearing 80s gear; then I went through another year of only wearing items I had personally made or re-created. In the last two years, I never once repeated an outfit at work- just as a challenge to myself. Since then, I have donated and sold 3/4ths of my closet and love the simplicity of creating outfits. A simple base can so easily be elevated by simply accessorizing!
Fashion icons?
Gwen Stefani. I fell in love with her style in seventh grade and have been inspired by her tenacity for change yet her raw sense of self; she always stays true to herself. I once had the opportunity to meet her and my little fangirl heart was so happy because she was as beautiful and sweet in person as I had always imagined!
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Brigitte Bardot or Kate Moss?
Goodness, what beauties! If I absolutely had to choose, I would go with my gut, which is BB. I dig a Bardot neckline and am a supporter of women who go against the grain- especially in times when it was not the norm.
What made you choose the LB piece your currently styling?
I am an avid fan of the LB Brand. Choosing was a tedious decision! I love them all! It really came down to an blind pick in order to make my final choice in a timely manner, haha! I love the fit of this PLM tee. I am so comfortable in black, and the cut is so versatile. It can be worn loose or side-knotted for a tighter look. The material is so delicious- it feels like butter on my skin! It makes me feel fierce with its powerful message. Roar.
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Top 2 picks from LB’s BLK&WHT collection?
I am a huge fan of black and white, in general. Most of my house is black & white (& gold, of course), and it transcends into my wardrobe, as well. But I tend to shy away from white tees. However, I am so attracted to the Protector//Lover//Mother White V-Neck. There is something so alluring about a white tee on demin that can be casual or easily dressed up, that I love! I am also obsessed with the genius that is the black hoodie with the thumbholes! I mean, seriously! So rad, on-point and heart-eyes-forever!
A few ways you keep yourself feeling good as a mama?
A am a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) on the side and working out is my jam! Not primarily for aesthetics, though. Nothing makes me feel more in tune with myself, as meeting my own fitness goals; nothing makes me feel like more of a badass than crushing a workout, lifting heavy and getting my glisten on! It is extremely therapeutic to me (I am also a counselor, haha), and need this time I set for myself to just be me. It is the only 30 minutes of my day that are solely mine- you know, when my baby boy doesn’t wake up in the middle of it, ready to start his day! I also love recreating indulgent treats into healthy, delicious foods, as well. Not that I don’t enjoy my pizza, cheeseburgers and froyo, though! haha! Lastly, a solid support system to validate the many days I doubt myself as a mama, is extremely important to me. Whether it’s my BFFs, my husband, family, the besitos from my toddler, or the amazing IG community, feeling connected and understood are invaluable assets to mi vida loca.6 Final
What are some things that inspire you when putting together a days look?
The season, weather and my mood; although I don’t follow any pre-established rules (fashion faux-pas are not my jam) and am pretty low-maintenance! I love mixing and matching timeless pieces with simple + frugal finds! I am also inspired by accessories, which I believe are key to my every day look- whether it’s any combination of a hat, headband, flower, earrings, [statement] necklace, scarf, belt, arm candy, rings, heels, sandals, or sneakers…it all comes together to complete one look! Oh, and of course, a bold lip!
Any tips for mamas juggling the demands of motherhood with the desire to still be stylish?
Keep it simple, keep it comfortable and stay true to yourself. When in doubt, wear what makes sense to you and simultaneously makes you look & feel good! Mamahood is hard and unpredictable. At least feel and look confident doing it! It’s like when I was in my undergrad: my roommate taught me to always dress up to finals- even when everyone else was dragging themselves across campus in their pjs from their all-nighter- you may fail your test, but at least you look good (& hence, feel good) doing so! Ultimately, we are all mamas doing this mamahood thing together- so when there’s your bebe’s oatmeal on your favorite tee, rock the ish out of it!
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old me vs. new me

amidst the diaper changes, tantrum-soothing, besitos-giving, "am i doing this right?" doubt, there lies the old me. the pre-baby me. the me that swore i never would do this or that. that would never be that parent. i laugh at myself now, because i am a walking contradiction of everything i never thought i'd be. i didn't fantasize about white weddings, a suburban lifestyle and a party of three. but here i am and more times than not, it is difficult to even remember what life was like 19 months ago. has it really only been less than two years? perhaps it's the constant sleep deprivation, the need to not f up, even when i realize on the spot that i am, but old "me," seems so distant and faraway. how ever did i stay up all night and out-drink any grown man? how ever did i party so hard every day of the weekend? how ever was i the social butterfly that was in love with joining groups of friends, so we could be friends, and do it every weekend? [circa puff daddy reference, anyone]? [which again, reminds me of that time in vegas when i got to party with him #truestory]!

the old me who would loudly cheer across the bar to my boyfriend [now husband] that she just saved him money by having the guy next to her buy her a drink....well, that girl is now replaced by this version of me that rarely touches anything but water. whose life revolves around toddler style, themed foods, and minimizing toys in my living room [yes, that is a basketball hoop by the couch, thank you very much]. remember the nevers i used to proudly say?...yeah, f that. sippy cups that last through tantrums, mama playdates, and balancing my career are my new jam.

but this week i have had three instances where i felt like old me. and it felt f'ing fantastic.

two of them including cuddling my baby boy and him not asking to nurse- in the 19 months of his life, i had never experienced that, unless he had fallen asleep on me after nursing and i had managed to get him unlatched without waking. 
our sleeping beauty
the third was my husband's birthday weekend. i should point out that on his actual birthday evening we were reunited after he was away on business all week. we went out to dinner with his family and we all came home for ice cream cake. well, oliver's new kitchen [you know, to match the rad decor in my living room] came in and we spent the next three hours building that cute thing. to think that a birthday landing on a friday night would typically excite us and we would plan a weekend of celebration and debauchery around it...and here we were. not even having a glass of wine!

we're so pro, it only took us three hours.
However, the next night, we went over to our loves' homes. the couple who always joined us out on our past lives. together, we all laughed, sipped on non-water [actually, we all kept multiple water bottles by our sides, at all times], and had one of the best nights eeever. and it felt like old me. but different. because now new me, although not as cool or wild, more boring and reserved, confused and doubtful, is also pretty rad. i do love my life. i love the tight knit, circle of friends that understand and partake in new forms of debauchery. the type of friends who rush through conversations as we are parting in order to make sure we laugh in person, yet hurry back home before we all become pumpkins. which we did. so next time, we start earlier. because these evenings, oh these evenings, are more than meant to be had. so worth it. so needed. so fun.

what do you miss? what do you look forward to?


// 19 months //

Age: 19 whole baby months and officially, I can admit, into toddlerhood!

Last month, Oliver was at almost 33 inches tall and almost 29 lbs! I need to measure and weigh him today!

Activities: baby boy loves his bike- he loves poppin' wheelies like he knows exactly what he is doing. It's so cute to watch him go over any cracks by poppin' a wheelie. He loves books, especially right before bedtime. He crawls into his teepee, gives Honey Munster cuddles and reads books. He will ask us to turn on his teepee lights, and read "buuk" after "buuk." All of course, in a desperate measure to prolong bedtime as long as possible! It's been so sweet to observe him pick up his toy cars and make them vroom along paths he creates. These paths are not limited to our bodies! ;)

Moods: Happy, energetic, wild, full of tantrums and rough!
I don't know if we are trying to tame him too much, if this is a phase, or just him!
ah, parenthood! This toddler totally is good about staying in his time-outs though!
Sleep: No major changes here. He knows when it's time to go to sleep and doesn't fight it too much. We are to the point where I lay him in his crib every night (most nights he fusses or cries for a bit), I hold his hand, sing "twinkle, twinkle, little star," or read an extra book until he falls asleep. He does wake up often asking for agua (water), and I am concerned he is becoming dependent on water throughout the night, since we are officially wean(ing). He has been finally looking for his lovies (blankies) which I think is the cutest thing. 

New Words: 
-this baby boy can repeat pretty much anything!
Our favorite thing to hear him say is "no" because he says it in such a cute voice.
I'll have to record it! It's funny because Geoff feared him learning "no" and using it against us. 
But instead, it's so sweet!

Favorite Foods: My baby boy is becoming picky! He seriously will choose one food and only want that! He loves bread, pizza (grandma has taken him to chuck e. cheese a couple of times and he now asks for it- wah), broccoli, cheese, pancakes, yogurt, cottage cheese, and any berries!

Nursing: See this post!
The last time I nursed him was on September 1st- we made it to 19 months. 
I think I am done....Ah!

Favorite Things: Still obsessed with all things kitchen, all things with motors, going on our nightly sunset "by ry" (bike ride), jumping (funniest thing ever), working out (this kid can lift weights my client's use!), eating, the pool, bubbles, music and books. 

Signature Moves: jumping! oh man, the cutest and funniest thing EVER!

Mommy's Proudest Moment: 

Daddy's Proudest Moment:  

This Month's Highlights:
- we nursed all the way to 19 months!
- we celebrated Natalia's 3rd birthday at the pool and you were so funny! You posed for cupcakes and wouldn't go into the water by yourself- butthead!
- you began sleeping with your lovie and asking for agua every night!
- you continue to use the potty. Still not potty trained, but definitely headed that way. 
- you love putting on mama's heels and strutting your stuff
- you had a playdate with Asher, your baby bff, and for the first time, you were so obsessed with loving on him. you wanted him to play with all your things and you wanted to hold, hug, and kiss him. so sweet!
- you became obsessed with sunset bike rides- every night!
- you stayed with daddy overnight while mama went to celebrate Titi Is.
- you had two all day playdates at Grandma's! 
- you worked out constantly, haha! 

-You got so sick, baby. A viral throat infection. With mouth sores and a high fever. You wanted to eat but it hurt your little mouth so much. You would walk me to the fridge and ask for food but when you would take the first bite, you would gently place your hand near (but not on) your mouth and whimper, "nononononono!" Seriously, one of the saddest experiences! It took 4-5 days for you to recover completely. Thank God you did! Such a trooper, as always!

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