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// 8/52 //

// a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015" //

oh baby boy, this is such a fun age for us as we witness you express your personality through your words and actions. you are so smart, so independent and so wild. 
we love you so.


// our wedding //

gosh, i looooved being engaged and planning our wedding. it was one of the best years of my life. our wedding was prior to the discovery of pinterest yet was diy all the way. literally, every single aspect of it was a labor of love. our budget was minuscule, but i swear, no one would have guessed. our friends and family helped in everything they could, making it the most amazing celebration of love, friendship and life.

i found our wedding website with our little love story and fun videos: here

 i yearn and daydream of doing it all over again, all the time. except this time, i would definitely hire a wedding coordinator and not have a rainstorm with 40 mph wind gusts during our outdoor ceremony. did i mention gloomy days make me depressed? gorgeous day before and after, but our wedding- f'in rained on. everyone was such a good sport, though. we truly were surrounded by so much love and support. but yeah, a wedding coordinator- get one- at least a day of! we are were all pretty inexperienced with weddings (now we are all pro), and we ran behind time, got rained on, cut our ceremony in half, and i never got to really enjoy dinner- not even the warm homemade tortillas that we hired to be made on the spot...or attend our rad cocktail hour...or greet every single guest that came- unless they joined us on the dance floor that we never left.

but these imperfections are what make it ours. we sure have the worst luck, geoff and i...but wow, are we blessed. happy four years to us...and to this day all over again, and again.

all pictures by the amazing paul von rieter: check out his work here!

and the engagement pictures he did for us here!

here are some gems--and i have hundreds more but...let's just say...our wedding was a little crazy in the most fun way! so we'll leave those to our memories! ;) sadly, i am missing pictures here with some bffs/key players but i am having trouble uploading them all! 

our venue was to die for. an old quartermaster depot from the 1800s, literally on the ca/az statelines- so perfect for us. 

in lieu of favors, we made a donation to the livestrong foundation under every guests' name

i spy picture game at each table
o.g. old decor

can this be my living room, please?

fauxtobooth props

DIY tissue paper garland and pomanders

each bridesmaid/bff got to choose her own little black dress

and their special hanger

geoff's cufflinks
DIY groomsmen boutonniere

the guys getting ready

i was so lucky to design my own dress exactly how i wanted it

DIY wedding shoes - sparkly black and hot pink bottoms

bff workout

geoff and i went to a little ceramics shop and made our ring holder. during the ceremony, it was passed around to all of guests so that everyone could bless our rings

my mami

the mamas and gmas got their DIY flowers too

getting ready with my ride or dies

DIY headpiece and belt

the best

we also had a first look:

my mami gifted me that gorgeous necklace on our wedding day

and my dress was hot pink tulle underneath!

each bm got to choose her favorite jewel toned shoes + accessories. we each had DIY bouquets. and they had hair pieces, too!

the guys

mustaches on a stick with the wedding party

vatas locas

geoff had just fought and kicked cancer's ass. we celebrated

prettiest flower girls
with my honored homegirls. they each walked down the aisle and wore jewel toned dresses that they each chose. 

oh and we had a car show

with my parents

can you see the rain drenching us?


we DIY'd wine labels: blushing bride for our rose, marilyn merlot

and pinche gringo for our pinot grigio

our food was aaaamazing- all homemade mexican

DIY guestbook

DIY coloring books for kiddos

honored homegirls

first dance

allllmost everybody

did i mention we had a secret dance? bff isa choreographed it to "whatta man" by salt n pepa

our amazing pvr, photographer extraordinnaire

i mean...if you know me, this is totally normal.

father-daughter dance was THE best.


my bouquet that i get to keep forever and ever
my bridesmaids/bffs know how to party

this bff married us
this one filmed for us
and this one captured so many special moments for us 
best ring bearer ever

biggest party ever 

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