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L.O.V.E L.I.F.E!

This is my minuscule corner of the universe to share my story. My story is one of hope, determination, overcoming adversity and remaining raw and real. I have developed a disposition full of P.M.A. & a 'love life' mentality. It has been my only option as life has dealt me a plethora of challenges in order to teach me to be me.

I am a simple girl living a simply complicated beautiful life. I love connecting with people and truly believe we each have a story to share; by connecting, we find that there is beauty in the things we have in common- things we typically think no one else experiences. I am inspired by kindred spirits' stories that are also chasing their happy. 

My love story is chronicled here <3!

One of the most significant events of my life is chronicled here! <3 <3

our IVF story can be read on Instagram via #lifeloveandIVF

& my current life is what you are reading. 

Thank you for sharing in my journey. 


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