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One [or more] Ingredient HEALTHY ice cream!

I read about this on a blog but I cannot find it so I feel bad posting this without giving it proper credit! I even checked my history & couldn't find the link! It's just too good to not post though! I had read that you can make healthy ice cream and for our wedding we received an ice cream maker- Thanks, Is & Jake! (Geoff had been wanting one for years and always talked about the one he used with his family for years). However, we have yet to use it! I haven't had time to look up good recipes and the ones it came with have tons of ingredients I rather not put in homemade ice cream. But I randomly ran into this recipe! BANANA ICE CREAM!


3 chopped, frozen slightly overripe bananas




& that's it! haha! Peel and chop 3 [or more depending on how much you want to make] overripe bananas. Freeze them for an hour or two. Place them in your food processor and puree away! At first it'll just look like chopped bananas. But as you let it continue to puree, it all of a sudden becomes the consistency of ice cream! Taste it- amazing! It reminded Geoff and I of our favorite smoothie so we decided to add the following ingredients:

pureed banana :)

Additional Ingredients [optional]

approximately one tablespoon of-

-flax seed, oatmeal & peanut butter* (we had all natural crunchy on hand).

-dash of honey

Place your ice cream back into the freezer until the desired length of time and VOILA! Yummy and delicious, not to mention versatile!

Yum! Still needs more time in the freezer!

It'd be perfect for kiddos too and gives us now a different recipe for overripe bananas (other than my deliciously healthy banana bread! you can find that post here too! lol!)
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