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So since our original idea went out the window, we had to come up with something quick and still 'us!' We decided to try to emcompass how we feel about our relationship and our hopes for becoming parents. Geoff and I are extremely individualistic. We each have our own set of hobbies, friends, interests and completely respect and encourage each other in these. Yet, we also work soo well together! In our video, we wanted to capture how even though we love our own things, we love each other the most, and together can beat anything; hence, Geoff being such a miracle. But then, our baby being beyond a miracle! :) With badass steeze!

We are hoping that when we become parents, we still are able to have it all: our individual interests, our relationship, AND be parents. I am sure that in the beginning, it will only be parenthood. & we are so happy and eager to embrace that. But we also want a healthy balance in life. I know many experienced parents will shrug and wish us luck with that one, but hey, we have always been different. We have already set the tone for how our relationship works and hope to continue that.

I cannot wait to have our baby in this world; healthy and ready to become an amazing human being.

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