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Nana & Oliver D Cruz

"Are you ready, Baby?"
He kicks his little feet, clasps his dimpled-knuckled chubby hands, and with a glisten in his bright eyes, happily chants "Na-na, na-na, na-na!!"
I get out of the driver's seat and open the backseat door, as he kicks his little legs and starts getting louder with his chant. His anticipation is contagious and I struggle to get him unbuckled fast enough, as he is also trying to get out of his carseat in the most hurried way.
I carry him down, and he pulls away from me, running to the side door.
He starts knocking, I pick him up and he starts ringing the doorbell, repeatedly. We can hear as someone approaches the door, and as it opens, he squeals with delighted excitement.
He throws himself onto her and wraps his little arms around her neck.
She has a twinkle in her eyes, and a huge grin on her face.
"Why, good morning, Oliver! I missed you!"
She smothers him in kisses and he does the same, tilting his little head and staring her right in the eyes, with a huge, warm mesmerizing smile.
He starts pointing to the kitchen for a snack, then changes his mind and wants to be put down. He races to her shoes, picks one up and brings it to her feet, trying to get it on the wrong foot.
He runs back to the door and starts grunting and talking at it, looking back at her.
We laugh and I ask for goodbye besitos. He rushes through them and waves and says "bah-bye" to me.
With tears in my eyes, I wish them a happy day and leave. Before I drive off, I look back and see them embracing each other and laughing.
& they are off on their daily adventures.

I think to myself how amazing it must be to grow up with and spend your days with your great-grandmother. What a blessing she is. How I always wished I could have had a grandmother or great-grandmother to grow up with. She devotes herself to him and he couldn't be more in love. She teaches him and loves him. She selflessly adores him. & we adore her.
I wipe a tear of happiness and gratitude.
"Yes, Baby Boy, Nana is, indeed, the best."


  1. how beautiful :)
    Thank you for sharing. I have been inpsired to share my journey with Huntington's disease.
    I would be honored if you would follow as I share my heart and story.


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