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//Long Live the Weekend//

Have you seen the memes that state the necessity of one more day in between Saturday and Sunday? I'm all over hitting 'like' on those! Seriously, we are overworked as it is (hence, my Monday is set to be a 12-hour workday)! I am a proponent for 4-10s! Our weekend should start Thursday evening so that we get to enjoy three-day weekends, every weekend! But alas, my job doesn't operate that way (yet) and my husband's does, but only every other week. So, back to our two-day stint.

This weekend was so nice! I loved it so much! Friday started off with Geoff and I both taking an hour off to take Oliver to shoot a commercial! How insane is that? Baby Boy was asked to help a local small business in their summer commercial. He did great and we were so proud of him. A little apprehensive about what the final product will look like, but otherwise, happy with at least being able to add this to his list of background knowledge and experiences! What a lucky little guy! He is so loved by so many! God really sent us a good one! ;)

Unfortunately, after the shoot, we found out that Nana is ill- a nasty tummy bug attacked her. I ended up bringing ODCM to work with me and that was fun! He did so well! He was pretty overwhelmed in the beginning by all the kids but then got comfortable and even helped me pass out certificates and pins during an assembly I had to help MC.

This weekend consisted of taking Nana a care package, cleaning house, homemade meals, meal prepping, workouts, homemade ice cream, a DQ run, a little DIY, & just enjoying each other!

I woke up reminiscing about the weekend and wishing we could all stay home together, for another day. Unfortunately, Nana is still sick today and we have been juggling our sweet boy. & this mama is working at least 12 hours today! Woot! #onlynot

Ready for your weekend?  Hoping it was nothing short of lovely!

I leave you with a portion of this week's camera roll:

One of my students sent me this! How cute!

Oliver filming a commercial!! 
Baby Boy showing off his belly button at the park!

Twinning Vans!

I did the chalk wall for a local business! Much harder than I had anticipated, haha!
Just a baby boy, his rolls, and his puppy...oh, and mama's weight lifting gloves. 
Mom + Me = LOVE

commercial shot

Nothing beats dancing him to sleep <3
//this mama needs sleep//

The Honest Co. featured Oliver on their IG. How rad!
Look at this beauty!

//Run, free, Baby, run, free...//

//daily life, haha//
// student messages...better than the one that we found today that was highly inappropriate, haha//

Mother's Day 2014 in Cinnamon Clothing Co. wear
That baby bottom is my fave
Instead of sleeping...
Park Date

//mama's homeboy//

//he needs sleep too//
//I've been spending a lot of sunsets at work lately//

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