Mamahood Styled


Taking Stock

Making : Cinnamon Clothing Co. designs
Cooking : everything from scratch with fresh ingredients- Love!
Drinking : water & green tea (every day)!
Reading: blogs
Wanting: some 'me' time
Looking: forward to our tomorrow
Playing: with Oliver every single day
Wasting: time procrastinating sleep every night
Sewing: clothes for my baby boy
Wishing: for three day weekends, every weekend
Enjoying: the mad rush at work// the quiet right before a bell rings
Waiting: for today's workout time
Liking: when things fall into place
Wondering: what tomorrow will bring
Loving: my family
Hoping: to not be tired anymore
Marvelling: at the way things turn out
Needing: more nights of O fast asleep, and Geoff bringing home massive amounts of ice cream for us to enjoy for an hour of doing nothing together <3
Smelling: my morning oats
Wearing: a dress that juuuust may be a tad bit too short...oops! All subjective, right?
Following: my own rules today
Noticing: that it is quite windy outside today
Knowing: it will all be okay
Thinking: about today's long to do list
Feeling: satisfied & busy
Bookmarking: must-dos
Opening: snail mail is my favorite ever
Giggling: with him
Feeling: tired and okay
Original on The Daybook, Thanks, Sydney! <3

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