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// 16 months //

Age: Sixteen months! The month of your soaring independence!
Stats: Thinking still close to 27 lbs and 33 inches (97th and 98th percentile- the size of an average two-year old). 
Activities: Pointing out anything with an engine and making engine noises at it! Climbing over, out of, and into anything you can (including your crib- your mattress is at the lowest rung and you can still get your chubby little leg to the top of the rail! Luckily you haven't figured out how to get out of it, yet)!

Moods: Same as always! Happiest-go-lucky baby boy ever! Hundreds of smiles fill ours days! You are so stinkin' cute! You have a strong personality and when you don't like something you make sure to let us know. This is usually where we try to gather ourselves as parents, not laugh, and teach you some respect and discipline. It's hard! But we refuse to have you become disrespectful or spoiled- so we talk to you, a lot! You are really testing y(our) limits lately! You try to see what you can get away with! Way smarter than us!

Sleep: We still don't understand why you insist on waking up most nights. At this point, we would think that you could soothe yourself better than that. Just last night, you woke up and we let you cry it out. Only lasted a minute but still. You stand up, hold on to your bed, and cry cry cry. Stahp it. We love you and you are okay. Unless you're not and we always check on you regardless! But mama and dada need sleep! haha!

Words: We have been trying to get your to say "please" and "thank you." We swear you are more than capable especially right now that you are into repeating things we say. For example, I was trying to get you to add "please" when you sign "more." I kept practicing with you and you would only smile at me. Finally, I said "Say BUTT!" You grinned and clearly said "Butt!" hahaha! What?! 

Or a couple weeks ago, when Grandpa and Grandma swore you kept saying "Spiderman," while they were talking about the movie. Of course, we didn't believe them until you said it the next day to us "spy-e-min."

So last night, I made healthy brownies topped with chocolate chip cookie dough blondies (oh, yes, mama did)! Well, I gave you a bite and you responded "mmmm...mmmm....mmmm," then immediately started signing for "more," and as always I told you you had to say "please" too. So you immediately signed for it then signed for "thank you!" You little booger! You have known ALL along and just CHOSE not to do it! haha!

Favorite Foods: We stopped giving you bananas for a week because you were having an excessive amount of messy diapers and developed your first rash. Not even sure if they were related but it was the only change to your diet that did the trick- because you know, you were eating smoothies and 2 whole bananas for 2 days straight! You eat like a grown up! No wonder you're so chubs! You won't deny any foods and now that we have been exposing you to some sweets, you are smitten. We had homemade ice cream a couple weeks ago and it was the cutest thing to watch you eat it and say "haaute" and blow on it, haha! Cold, Baby, it's cold. 

Nursing: Still 16 months! And lately, you have been wanting to nurse at other times, rather than just for bedtime. One time this month, you fell, and I felt bad so when you got up crying and asked to nurse, I let you. You are so cute. You grab my hand, bring it up to my shirt, and motion for me to let you nurse, haha! I think at this point you must just be nursing for comfort than actual milk. You fell asleep twice this month without me because I had to work late. The next night you still wanted to nurse. I don't know how/when you won't need to nurse to sleep at night. & you almost have a full set of teeth! The last incisors have already poked through. It makes me so sad because there is no longer a gummy smile, looking up at me. 

Favorite Things: being outside! If we don't take you outside you are so mad! You love to play outdoors. Too bad we don't have a backyard! Eating! Dancing! Reading! Taking things from one container into the other (like Tupperware). 

Signature Moves: Turning on the radio, and running away from it when it is too loud. You get so startled, you jump, run, and ask to be picked up. Then you dance- every single time!

Mommy's Proudest Moment: I yelled at Daddy and it scared you so much, your bottom lip uncontrollably pouted. So sad! Oh, that Daddy!!! ;) No, but, really, big lesson for me!

Daddy's Proudest Moment: Hitting me with a toy and I yelped in pain. You started crying hysterically and ran to be by my side and got so mad at Daddy- you even threw the toy back at him. 

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