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Easter 2014

Oh, Easter 2014, you sure did spark something new in me. My memories of Easter growing up are two-fold. One comes from a distant memory captured in old 35mm developed film. My older sister and I in matching outfits, with perfectly clean shoes, ribbons in our hair (well mine, because my head was shaved- don't ask), and bright white tights. I can clearly see these pictures in my head...the memory I do remember is peeking through our bedroom window into the neighbors as they searched for eggs- something that we didn't get to do...I don't even know why...but Easter simply wasn't celebrated at the time- although, the pictures of me circa 1988 prove otherwise...

This year, with Oliver, something struck me. I realized how important Easter is. I have always been extremely spiritual, albeit not necessarily religious. But having a baby, especially a miracle baby, restores the need for faith and passing that belief down to your baby.

Easter Sunday
Because my faith has gotten me through so much in life. My God has rejoiced with me in times of happiness and has gotten me the toughest hardships I have been through. I thank Him every day for my life and everyone in it. I pray multiple times a day for everyone and everything I can think of. So this Easter, beyond the excitement of building new traditions, making themed pancakes, wearing bunny ears, and gift-giving, I enjoyed teaching our baby about our faith...
& it was beautiful, for me.

We spent Easter Saturday with our family and enjoyed seeing Oliver search for eggs with some serious concentration and lack of a nap, with his cousin (they are almost exactly one year apart). On Easter Sunday, we went out to the desert and had a picnic and did a little egg hunt, some off-roading, and hiking. It was a pretty splendid and faith-filled weekend for us. Feliz Semana Santa!
Easter 2013

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