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Bottom lips & tears

Last night, our baby boy was fighting sleep harder than he fights for food. He has never been a good sleeper. He is at the end of his 14th month and it wasn't until after 12 months that he started sleeping through the night. Since then, he has struggled with teething which has caused him to wake up numerous times throughout the night. We tried so many different methods (co-sleeping, cry-it-out/ferber, not crying it out, nursing, bottle, oats with his breastmilk) and seriously, nothing we instilled worked! It was all about him! Anyway, I'm digressing because this has nothing to do with the title of this post. Last night, he was taking a break from nursing in hopes of him tiring out by running around, when he went to pull out a charger from an outlet. Geoff and I both sternly told him not to, and he turned around and looked at us knowing he wasn't supposed to do that. He proceeded to take the plastic little apple he blends every day in his toy blender (obsessed!), and chucks it at my face! I was so surprised, I didn't even have a second to react. Geoff grabbed him and was scolding him, and I go to do the same- he looks at me and his little big bottom lip sticks out and starts to quiver for the very first time. Up to this point, if we raise our voices, scold him, discipline him, etc. he is unphased. Actually, he laughs and doesn't understand we are serious. Well, it about broke my heart with mama emotions and I started bawling! Haha! He kept pouting and then reached over and flung his little chubby arms around my neck, gave me besitos and rested his little head on my chest for a second. My sweet, baby boy. 

Then, I was finally able to nurse him to sleep. & Geoff decided that a late-night ice cream run was absolutely needed to further mend our little hearts. I tried to resist it but decided he was right. xo

P.S. See that little bunny straw cup on the floor? I bought it last year and hoarded it until this Easter for him. Two days before Easter, he threw it and it broke. I was sad so on Saturday, we bought a new cup to screw on the bunny cap...and then this was this morning...I only had to warm up my oats 5 times today! And in some twisted way, I would never trade any of this for anything in this world.

Happy Monday! :) 

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