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15 months

odcm <3
Age: Fifteen months?! Seriously, baby boy?! Why is time flying by? I am grateful for your health and tenacity for life, but I do wish I was less busy to soak in all that you are- every itty bit of you, every day. You are, undoubtedly, heaven-sent. You are my wild. 

Stats: I was way off on my estimates! You are actually 27 lbs and 33 inches (97th and 98th percentile- the size of an average two-year old). You grew 2 inches and 2 pounds since your first birthday! 
Activities: These days you are all over the place! Running, climbling, trying to be involved in everything around you! Some days you just want to be on us, while other moments, you just want to be independent. You really are your own little soul. 
Moods: You now throw tantrums. & we walk away, every. single. time. 
Sure, you're beautiful & you are unique. But that does not mean you get to be bratty, rude and/or disrespectful. So time-outs do happen. You throw fits, and even if we are in public, you are left to sort it out. When you are ready, we explain our reasoning and tell you what would be a better behavior for next time. You'll understand soon, if you already don't. ;) Don't be a little turd, okay?
Oh, that smile, that laugh. Literally, brightening the world since Day 1. It is beyond me. I have never, ever witnessed a baby, a child, be so happy and smiley. Even when you are upset. Making you smile or laugh is not a task. The only times it is, is when you are tired. haha! Go figure. 
Sleep: You now sleep through the night! Well...kinda...You still wake up once or twice a night, but we let you settle down on your own. If you really need us, you insist and we are there...but we have struggled to get you to sleep for so long- an entire year, actually! I'm sleepy even as I type this! haha! & the last few nights, you actually tell me you want to go "ni', ni!" Miracle! haha! You wake up every morning at 6:45am and go to bed at 8:15pm on a good night. Some nights you fight it for an hour or two...ahhh! You take one or two naps during the day, (either early morning and early afternoon or one mid-day longer nap). You like to be rocked to sleep, or if you're home with me, you want me to dance with you... and you fall asleep on my shoulder for your day time nap....which totally, makes me a pile of mush. At night, you still want to nurse to sleep.

Words: Your language is soaring! You say:
-ni' ni' (night night)
-ah ah ahh (which means no)
-knock knock
-quack quack
-grampa (loud and clear, haha)
-hot (you whisper it which melts us, haha- and you use it for cold stuff, too)
-bnana (banana)
-baba (bottle)
-at (hat)
-gamma (grandma)
-kit kat (nana's cat)
-tito (abuelito)
-uh, oh
-vroom & an exhaust sound (car)
-awa (water in Spanish)
You can sign:
-all done
-I don't know
-come here

Your pediatrician was beyond impressed by your words! He said high for a 15 month old is 7 words! Haha!

Favorite Foods: You are still obsessed with food and will eat anything and everything! Your favorites are bananas, apples, strawberries, smoothies (you literally act like the world is over if we can't get one to you fast enough and you see it- same for pouches); puffs; broccoli; sweet potatoes; we found out you love pizza; brown rice; quinoa; green beans; carrots; cauliflower; turkey breast; chicken breast; avocado; oatmeal; pancakes; toast; the list goes on and on. You are not picky and we are grateful. You did start to spit out tomatoes this week- but they still go on your plate every time we have them because it always depends on your mood. I don't think I'll ever stop offering you don't like, haha! We do not "baby" any of your meals- you eat what we eat and eat healthy. We have given you some treats- Yogurtland- which made you the most hyper I have ever seen you, since you don't have sugar, and I think your grandparents have given you a bite of dessert, here and there. ;)

Nursing: I cannot believe we are still nursing! FIFTEEN MONTHS! That's a year and three months! Wow, after the horrible struggle we have had with breastfeeding, I cannot believe we even made it through that first month. I definitely will write my breastfeeding journey soon. We have been weaning for the last few months- the mamas who wean in a week--- I have no clue how you have done it!! I stopped pumping mid-December and had enough frozen, pumped milk saved up until March. I was nursing him first thing in the morning, right after work, before bed, and in the middle of the night. As of now, we are only nursing at night. We are not in a huge hurry to stop and Oliver is definitely calling the shots with this. Which I am 110% okay with. I'd like to have him not nurse to sleep, but I treasure our time together. <3
Favorite Things: your blender- you know exactly how to put it together, blend up your fake fruit, and slurp your smoothie! haha, cutest thing! You also love your cozy coupe and your pedal car. Any time an airplane flies by you insist on being taken outside to watch it fly over you. You are in love with being outside and running wild! You looove taking things apart and putting them back together! You love "walking" Honey Munster and taking her outside. You love rocks- obsessed. You love throwing them. You love your family so much!
Signature Moves: This baby boy still loves to turn on the radio and start dancing. Daily! The cutest thing! 
Mommy's Proudest Moment: My phone fell on your face while I was texting and you were nursing!! So sorry, Bubba! haha! Just like the old days! Also, while carrying you, I bumped you in the wall twice...oops! You never seem phased by any of this, though, haha!
Daddy's Proudest Moment: Running up to Oliver to tickle him and accidentally knocking him down to the point of tears- mind you, Oliver rarely cries if he falls! haha!


  1. Rian used to ask to go "ni ni" too! Sweetest!

    1. I am amazed by how much they understand! Mind blown! *insert explosion sound here* haha!


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