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Life after Cancer

Today we are going to our local Relay for Life event. It is always an emotional and humbling experience to be surrounded by hundreds of Cancer survivors. It is empowering and reminds us of the battles we have been through. It is equally heartbreaking to see the thousands of decorated lunch bags lighting the track we walk on. Each bag represents either a survivor or someone whose life is being represented and celebrated.
Every year, I am humbled and beside myself. I cannot believe that we have been through this twice already...and I pray every day that we do not have to go through it, ever again. I am celebrating life today. I am celebrating my husband. I am celebrating those we know that have gone to Heaven. & I am celebrating the hardships we have been through and vividly remember the two separate days we were told that Geoff had survived. I am celebrating our loved ones who have cheered us on. I am celebrating the nearly impossible miracle that is our baby boy.
Sadly, most of us have been personally touched by Cancer...days of awareness and celebration and remembrance and crucial to keep us thinking, researching, doing...Because since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I have prayed to never, ever have to relive all of this through my son or his daddy ever again...and even though only one of those prayers was answered, my two men are still with me...& for that, I am eternally grateful.

Life after Cancer is proactive; we attempt to love life and have the  PMA mindset all day, err'day! Definitely does not always happen, ha! I wish! But we do definitely try & prioritize. <3

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