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Month 6

We started you on solids the day you turned 6 months! Your first foods were sweet potato and avocado which you enjoyed very much! Mommy is trying out babyled weaning! She is making you baby food, but mainly going to give you little pieces rather than purees. We'll see how it goes! So far you love it! You even love Chipotle's guacamole, haha! And bananas- you literally went bananas for bananas! haha! You are determined to feed yourself using your spoon but are definitely not there yet haha! You have had a couple of playdates this month! We visited your Titi Becca, Aiden and Rian- and the little baby that is in her belly- we think it's a boy! You also played with two of Mommy's friends' little boys. It was cute! Daddy sold his '51 Chevy this month. It was so bittersweet for him, you watched in awe. And boy, are you teething! It feels like you have been teething since 2 months! You also took your first sink bath! We were waiting until you could sit up properly on your own and you have been doing that since last month so it made for the cutest picture! You also got to sit in a shopping cart for the first time! It was fun- and at Target just like a lot of our firsts! You are standing while holding on to things and really like to do that! And boy, do you love books! You are trying to crawl! You have the perfect plank! You get up on your toes and arms, and hold it forever! Then you'll get on your knees and rock back and forth! Mommy had to go back to school full-time this month because the school year started. You will be going to Nana's house instead now! This will be the first time Mommy doesn't get to come home for lunch. So sad! You love playing with your Daddy! He makes you laugh unlike anyone else can! It is the sweetest thing! You love to nap with him! You take much better naps with him than with Mommy! You love to walk around Nana's coffee table! Or pull yourself up and hold on! Grandma and Auntie Sarah come over a couple times a week to watch you so Mommy and Daddy can go to the gym together! You really enjoy your time with them! You went to your second birthday party (the first was Auntie Jenn's Sophie's and Zoey's). This one was Titi Yuky's Natalia's second birthday! You wore a birthday hat and enjoyed yourself! Daddy was working so he couldn't go! You are still doing those baby-5-point-k's with Daddy most nights!

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