Mamahood Styled


Months 4-5

You are so cute, Oliver! You discovered you could eat your feet and it is the sweetest thing in the world. You took an empty Starbucks cup and had so much fun with it, trying to eat it! Are you ready for food? You try to stay calm for Mommy and kick kick kick while she works out everyday with you! You got a freshly pair moccs in gold and they are divine! You like to eat them! You want to be strong and workout like Mommy and Daddy! We are both pretty hardcore about our health and fitness right now and you are no exception. You pick up toys that are way heavy and love it! You watch Mommy train her clients in the living room, too!

It is summertime and it is hot outside! We try to get you out as often as possible but this desert heat is insane. You are perfectly chubs and we love your thighs! You still hardly have hair and we love that little old man head of yours! You love to go on walks with Honey Munster! Mommy took you shopping and you did great! Had to nurse you for a long time but that's okay! That's what dressing rooms are for, right? So, if Daddy props you up, you can stay standing! Actually, you started doing this around 3 months but Mommy didn't find out until 4 months!

You also flew for the first time on June 29th, 2013. We spent the night at your Titi Maritza's house and then won the popularity contest on the plane! It was hilarious! We flew into Oakland, and you got to meet your Titi Shei, Israel and your cousins Joshua, Andrez, Monika and Kassandra! Andrez was born just three weeks after you! You had so much fun and actually did a lot better with your sleeping! We visited San Francisco and you rode a swing for the first time! It was actually in the Full House park! You will probably watch the show someday and we will make sure to point it out! We spent 4th of July there and you enjoyed the fireworks. You really are the most stylish baby boy ever! We submitted your picture for a photoshoot campaign for Infantino and Step2Company (baby product companies) just to see! We returned on July 7th and spent a few days in San Diego at a beach resort. We even had your almost-6-months-photoshoot on the beach and were able to capture the first time the ocean water hit your chubby little toes! It was heaven! Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Sarah met up with us and we celebrated Grandma's birthday. You really enjoyed it! We even extended our trip a couple of days and it was worth every penny! We hope to make it a yearly tradition! We think you may be ready to try food. You go absolutely craaazy over trying to eat anything we are having! Waiting for you to turn 6 months though! You are scooting around everywhere trying to crawl. So stubborn and determined! Mommy and Daddy finally went on their first date without you. We went out to dinner and then went grocery shopping, haha. We are boring! And super obsessed with you! Mommy has had to bring you to work over the summer a few times and although I don't get much work done, it is fun- everybody loves you! You really are adorable! You sit up so perfectly on your own, too!

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