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Month 11

Hi Baby Boy,
How amazing are you? Walking and talking away! You celebrated Thanksgiving with all of our family and you enjoyed it so much! You had us laughing because you were talking away during dinner! You loved eating everything! Thank you Baby led weaning! ;) We are getting all ready for Christmas (post-Thanksgiving) and we are so excited to celebrate your first one! All the holidays have so much of a better and more fun meaning than they ever did before! I just love experiencing all of your firsts! Both Nana and Grandma gifted you an ornament (the same one- great minds think alike) and Daddy and I did the same. We decorated the tree together and it was amazing to see you watch everything with so much curiosity! We took you to the San Diego Zoo and had such an amazing time together! You enjoyed all of the animals and the perfect weather! It felt like we had most of the zoo to ourselves! Loved it! We also went to a birthday party which you enjoyed, too! Mommy is loving all of your cute holiday pjs! Too cute, Baby! We visited Santa Claus and you did amazing! Until you realized you were on his lap and cried, haha! He gifted you a little tractor that you came home and played with a lot! You have mastered how to drink from a straw cup and we are excited for this! Mommy stopped pumping at work so now we will be using all of our stored milk! Let's see how we do- one month away from our goal of a year! For Christmas, we visited our loved ones! You did amazing! We had a lovely lunch at Urth Cafe with all of your uncles and Titis- how loved you are! We also go to visit Auntie Zvart and her baby boys! On the day you turned 11 months, we celebrated by going on a hike in Whittier with Titi Anita! That was fun! You rode with Mommy! Then you had a lovely Christmas Eve with your familia! On Christmas Day, we drove back to AZ and celebrated your first Christmas with your family there! Oh how loved you are Baby Boy! 

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