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Month 7

The day you turned 7 months old, you started to crawl! haha! Now you are unstoppable! You workout with Mommy every day! You are still running Baby .5ks with Daddy every night! You are enjoying going to your Nana's while we work; she takes such great care of you! You love to sing- especially sing yourself to sleep or sign along to the radio! You are still the smiliest/happiest little baby boy we have ever met and everyone cannot get enough of you! Every other Friday, you and Daddy come visit Mommy at work! You wear your owl backpack and are the most stylish little guy ever! On Friday nights, we go to Mommy's school's football games and you love watching the game and being passed around from person to person; but you don't appreciate the loud crowd all the time. You pick yourself up on anything and everything you can! Mommy is still nursing you and pumping at work every day so that you get nothing but what is best for you! You got to celebrate Daddy's 31st birthday in September! You had fun helping him blow out his candles and giving him your birthday gifts. I think you are his greatest gift ever- everything he has ever wanted! The weekend after Daddy's birthday, we surprised him with a trip to Julian, CA- just like he used to go when he was little. We had such a great time even though it was pretty rainy! We had lunch with your grandparents and family and then we went to a wine festival! Mommy and you went grape stomping, haha! It was awesome! Then we had fresh pie and ice cream! Such a perfect trip! We also had to get you a work permit because you were chosen to be a baby model! Later in September, we are taking you to San Diego. The Step2Company and Infantino Company will be hosting a photoshoot for the Everybody Plays Campaign shot by Kelli Hampton! We are so honored, humbled and excited! You still love your veggies- always stealing Mommy's asparagus! You say "Dadda" all the time! I keep telling myself it's just "ta-daaa!" haha- just because I'm bummed it's not "mama!" Haha! You helped Mommy celebrate her birthday, too! Mommy left you for the first time on a Saturday- but only during the day! Titi Squirrel flew into town to spend the weekend with us and you loved having her here! We went to visit your little cousin Asher at Titi Becca's this month, too! He is so precious and itty bitty! Excited for our lives!

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