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Month 8

Dear Baby Boy,
You are spectacular! This month started off so excitingly! Daddy had to go to L.A. for a work conference! We got to tag along and stay in Downtown L.A. and have such a blast! The first couple of days were your photoshoot in San Diego! You did AMAZING! It will be a long time before we find out what your pictures will be used for but you made us so proud! Daddy couldn't be with us so Titi Maritza was amazing and took us! You are our shining star and everyone just loves you! Mommy got to celebrate her birthday with her girls for an evening, too! Mommy and you had our own little date in Malibu and sat on the beach and had a great time together! We got to hang out with Allie and Asher, too! We love them! We took you to Titi Marlyna's job and you loved playing at her office! We saw Auntie KK there, too! She loves you so much! We just had such a blast! You got to spend so much time with your Tito, Mama, and Titis and cousins! Exactly what we wanted! I hope we get to have this mini vacation next year again! You had your very first pancake- shaped like a Jack-o-Lantern nonetheless! You loooved it! You are such a great little eater and you stand non-stop! I think you may be starting to want to walk any day now, too! But it's way too soon! Don't grow up too fast, son! We took you to the pumpkin patch and you chose the biggest pumpkin! So naturally, we did what any parents like us got your very own photoshoot in it, hahah! You got more shots at the doctor this month and you were such a trooper- such a brave baby boy! You give tons of "besitos" on command, too! Cutest thing ever! Titi Anita came to visit for a few days and boy, did we love having her here! Best trip ever! 

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