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Month 9

Happy 9th month, Baby Boy!
We celebrated Halloween and my goodness, could you be any cuter. You had a few costumes, haha! A strongman and a donut, hahaha! Mommy was a theif, Daddy was a cop, Honey Munster was a loot bag, and you were a donut! Oh man! Both were hilarious and so cute! Mommy couldn't decide which one for your first so we went with both! You really love your family! The bond you and Nana have is amazing! You can take a step or two here and there- does that mean you're walking?! I think I'm in denial! You laugh and giggle so hard and loud- it's the sweetest sound in the world! Honey loves giving you besitos- not my favorite, haha! You really enjoy being with your cousin, Karston, too! So happy you two get to grow up together! We already know you are going to be the troublemaker, haha!

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