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My new To Do List

There are SO many things that I constantly think about that I REALLY want to do.

1. Have a Craft Party!

I think it would be SO much fun to have all my girlfriends come over and make STUFF! We're all pretty crafty and enjoy wine/crafting/socializing. So wouldn't that be fun?! I think YES! I'd have everyone bring old t-shirts and we'd make t-shirt scarves; I can teach them how to cut them up (no-sew) to repurpose them; or we can make headbands, or fun crafts to decorate our homes. I suppose we'd have to choose a specific thing to focus on so it'd be a bit more organized, though! But how fun would it be to make things like THIS:

felt flower scarf

Chalkboard Paint Wine

T-Shirt Scarf

T-shirt Headbands

& of course, a dozen other options...

2. Hair and Nails Did Night

How fun would it be to have a night where we all come with clean hair and nails and try out hairstyles on each other. Then do our nails...even do different eyeshadow try-outs?!

3. Accessories Swap Night

I got invited to one of these and although I didn't get a chance to attend, I would looove to host one! How awesome would it be trade all these accessories we all have that we don't use! I may be tired of certain pieces but be enamored with my friends'! Genius! Then we can end up like this and I'd be so happy! :)

4. Workout Motivation Group

I would REALLY love to get a group of friends together to workout. I think it would be SO much fun to have a group of 4 or more to workout everyday on a consistent basis. That way no one would slack off because [hopefully] there would always be someone motivated to do so! I looove working out in groups and getting everyone pumped up to push their limits. I see "trainers" at the park all the time and I always think I could do it and do a little more than what they're doing (I often see them just yelling and not moving from the tree trunk they are leaning against, haha!) We could also swap delicious healthy recipes and even indulgent ones (all in moderation is my key)! ;)

Homies never leave each other behind!

Too bad Crossfit is so expensive! We make up our own!


I have tons of more idea, as I'm sure my homegirls would, too! Now it's just hoping my friends would be as excited as I would to make these happen!

[P.S. None of these images are my own] 

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