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I woke up this morning freezing! The temperature was in the mid 30s! That's way too cold for this California girl! I think it's time to turn on the heater before we go to bed and turn it off when we wake up! Geoff even came home from work wearing his scarf yesterday! I was excited to finally wear one of he gazillion scarves I own! I woke up late so I didn't get a chance to look up one of pins on Pinterest that shows a bunch of different ways on how to wear a scarf! I've been sooo into beiges, gold, rose gold, coppers since our wedding early this year; Geoff has been saying he needs to hide the gold spray paint from me because our house is becoming more and more gold! Lol! I chose an ivory and gold striped pashmina I bought in Argentina this past summer!
Yay for scarves even though I don't enjoy being very cold!


Unfortunately, the details of my pashmina cannot be seen once this picture is uploaded for some reason. But it's so pretty, light, and has sparkly lines of gold. Love it! I have really light dimples in this picture, I just noticed, too!


  1. You look gorgeous! I'm glad it's cold because last winter it never got cold enough to wear scarves!

  2. I agree with beautiful and your hair is so much longer now. Are those your real braids? I'm into braids right I also had a braid hair-do!

  3. Thanks, my Loves!

    K- I know, I looove Fall/Winter wardrobe- as long as it's not bulky, haha! See how my scarf pushed my towards that L.A.M.B. purse?! All it's (and your) fault! <3

    Mritz- Duude, I bet you look AMAZING in braid 'do's! These are my real braids (or braid-combover, as I like to call them haha)! My hair isn't long enough to do it the way all the tutorials are, so I had to improvise and start it closer to my ear before flipping it to the other side of my head. & side it thins out, I had to do another one for equilibrium. Try it! Our hair is almost the same length, right? You'd look adorable!!


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