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Friday Accesorizing

Fridays are the culmination of most work weeks and the commencement of weekends of freedom! Lately, they have been yet another day to continue our ridiculous schedules. Our schedules hardly ever match up and our weekends are full tasks, projects and errands. Relaxation is sometimes incorporated but often not. Lots of laughter and wine is though (usually)! ;)

I woke up late this morning (again!) and had to rush out of the door to make it to work on time! I love that my job has casual Fridays because I feel that I work faster and easier in jeans and Vans/Chucks/Toms, rather than my usual professional attire. Despite that, I absolutely love accessorizing. I love wearing things in my hair (flowers, headbands, scarves, braids, pomps,etc); and 99% of the time I wearing earrings, a necklace, a ring and a bracelet. I feel like something missing without them, haha!

My new closet is amazing (for me) and so organized that it makes it soo easy to get ready in the mornings. I'm in love with it!

Today, in my rush, I went for what's become one the easiest and fastest hairstyles for my hair. It's kinda like a half-french braid (one on each side to frame my face). I am not great at french braids but the way I do this one makes me feel like I can do it if I really try! You start a regular braid on the side of your head and each time pick up/add more hair to the strand that is closest to your face. It creates this awesome braid that looks like a crown headband, haha! I don't know to explain it! Sometimes I just wear it on one side and poof up the other side; today I did it on the other side, as well!


I wore my hardware necklace with a silver/turquoise ring and my beloved fork necklace from Brasil! I <3 accessories!


I have to work tomorrow, boo but yay to making that dollar!
Let's see what the rest of the weekend brings us!

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