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Full...& Motivated?!

I just finished dinner and all I can think about is working out! I looked for Jillian Michael's new DVD while shopping today and didn't find it at Target. I think I may just go out to see if Wal-mart has it. If they don't, it's going in my Amazon shopping cart tonight, lol!

Extreme Shed & Shred

When I first read about it, I didn't have any intentions of buying it. Mainly because it's only two workouts and they're each 45 minutes. No, thanks! I like my workouts intense but quick! But I was reading reviews yesterday and it sounds like SO much fun. Even more fun is that JM challenges everyone to do them back-to-back...I love myself a challenge! So off I go to see if it's a possibility for me!

I was able to go shopping after work to start on Christmas shopping. I called my girlfriend and asked if I could take my godchildren with me! I let the boys choose a toy each. They had a really good time. We were in my "magic" car as they call it, and LMFAO's "Sexy and I know it" came on. Cash yells, "It's MY soooong!" hahaha! Awesome! "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!!!" Such fun times. They were SO good, too! The hardest part was getting them in and out of their car seats multiple times!


Baby Jack & Cash playing on the "big ball" at Target!

I wish all my friends would let me borrow their kiddos! I also wish my nieces and nephews were here because I'd be the best Titi ever and they would be spoiled rotten! Miss them every single day...

I got to go birthday shopping for my little homegrrl, Rian, whose birthday party is this weekend. Harajuku Mini for Target is SO cute. I found the CUTEST hoodie but they didn't have her size! :/ So I settled for a cute plaid hat and a sweet dress for a pair of fringe boots she already has. I was so excited and when G saw them, he was shocked by the size. Oops! Maybe I didn't do such a good job of sizing them! I was with boys! haha! I also managed to find a super cure winter skirt in the girl's section....for a huskier girl, though! Got some online Christmas shopping done, too! Making sure all my little homegrrls and homeboys are covered!

Work was really good today. It was really good last week, too! & I don't want to jump the gun and assume the same thing for the next few days, but I'm hoping it remains this way! I have still managed to not repeat a single outfit. My goal of Thanksgiving has been extended to Christmas break. I can probably keep going but what about my one piece outfits, like dresses? I have too many that I'd really like to wear again. Would it count if I wore completely different shoes and accessories? Hmmm, who knows...actually, who cares! I love blogging about meaningless things like this! Puts my amazing life into perspective!


Black booties & Chevron Striped Tights: LOVE!

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