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Morse Code Kickin'

Dear Oliver,
Lately, every time I feel you kick, I feel like you're trying to morse code me a message. It also makes you feel more real, especially because my belly is currently refusing to let you seem more real to me. Most of my students still insist you are not as old as you are because they say (& show us how) their food bellies are bigger than ours. ;) Sometimes, when you kick repeatedly, you make me feel like we're hanging out together. It also shows me how strong you are. For being a foot long and a pound heavy, you are one strong buddy. Of course, we already know that because you have made it this far. You have beat every single odd against you and have made your presence known. It's incredible how often throughout the day I feel you. Even as I type this, you are kicking like no other. It cracks a smile on my face when I have to pee and you kick me and it makes me go eek! haha! You have still been giving me contractions but luckily, not enough to be a rush-to-the-hospital- kind! I know you are anxious to come and play -- trust us, we are so looking forward to holding you, playing with you and raising you to be as amazing as we already know you are-- but you gotta hang in there buddy. At least 15 more weeks! It's not much, I promise! You have to gain more weight and muscles, and grow, baby, grow. You are just as impatient and active as me! I can tell already. But I hope you gain some patience from your Daddy. It's funny how everyone who 'meets' you already tells us we're in for it. Well, we're ready! But not quite yet! A few more months to go, okay? Maybe you don't want to be born in 2013, haha. But please be patient. We'll be waiting, too!
We love you! & thanks for the conversations allll day long. Keep 'em coming.
Grow, Baby, grow!!

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  1. I loved this post! I can't wait until he is old enough to read this too :)


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