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Halfway Done!

Picture coming later today!

How far along? 20 weeks, 2 days! Halfway done! So awesome!
Weight gain: 10 lbs! Yikes! Double-digits! & to think there's still 20 more pounds to gain! Crazy but so worth it! I am sure if I wasn't working out the way I am, that number would be way high since I eat so much! 
Sleep: On and off! But I did take a nap yesterday! I worked almost 16 hours on Friday and my feet were killing me from standing all day. I also worked all morning Saturday. When I got home and had a late lunch and feel asleep for a couple of hours. It was so nice! Might work that into today's chores, too! ;) I hosted my second weekly park bootcamp. It was fun and we kicked major butt. I'm so grateful that at 5 months along I can still push hard. I know that won't last forever, but happy it is now. 
Best moment this week: Every single time Oliver Cruz moves and I/we can feel! He moves ALL the time, ALL day long! Active little guy! Geoff says his first time was the best moment in his life. <3
We are making huge progress in his nursery, as well! I can't wait to post pictures. Halfway done painting, crib is up, stroller arrived and the thing is amazing (hopefully a good carseat fits in it), refurbished glider is under construction, and fabric for curtains gets here tomorrow, hopefully! We are in search of an old dresser! We have been looking and looking with no luck! Once we have that, we will be done with all the basics. Then the fun little stuff will begin. I cannot wait!!!
My baby shower dates were set this week as well! So excited to celebrate in non-traditional ways with loved ones! <3 I love parties! haha!
Miss anything?: I'm a broken record. Wine, champagne, feta cheese and soft yolk eggs.
Movement: Everyday! 
Food cravings: The weirdest thing. I've been thinking A LOT about a cheeseburger. But I cannot remember the last time I had one. I mean I've had McD's little ones on nights that were way fun ;) but not like a charbroiled, diner, beef one. In years and years and years. I'm not talking In-n-Out meat, either; I've been thinking of a big juicy burger. But I don't eat that ever! Of course, we haven't gone anywhere- I wouldn't even know where to go! I'm thinking the Burger Lounge when we go back to California. They now have expanded past SD to LA, too. Their burgers are all grass-fed, organic, no hormones, so that may a good place to start. Plus, they make an awesome quinoa/brown rice/chickpea burger, too! ;)
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Luckily, this week I have been feeling better finally! only took 5 months! 
Gender: Beautiful Baby Boy. Our Oliver D. Cruz Montgomery. <3
Labor signs: Not yet :) 
Symptoms: Why didn't anyone warn me about leg cramps?! Holy hell! The first time I didn't attribute it to pregnancy. It was at the end of the night and my calf cramped. Ouch. Friday night (after my 16 hour standing day), I was woken up twice in dead sleep from horrid pain. It was horrendous and during the second one, I seriously wondered if I could ever go through with natural childbirth. I've always had the highest pain and endurance tolerance but lately, I'm thinking my mind will be weaker! 
My baby bump is finally showing! It is nowhere near where the average 5 month momma-to-be is at, but it will catch up soon. My midwife said from now on she will be taking fundal measurements to make sure we are where we need to be. 
I also had my first vivid pregnancy dream last night. I don't remember all of it but I remember he had grey eyes (probably because that's his main nursery color) and light hair, with brown skin. :) Everytime I see someone that looks like this, I wonder if that's what our baby will look like. There's so many different combination of outcomes we can have!!
Belly button in or out?: Innie but most definitely coming out! It's the WEIRDEST thing! It is round instead of oval and so close to the surface. I have never ever had this happen. I have a pretty deep innie and Geoff would always tease me about hiding Skittles in there. In high school, before I got my belly button pierced, I would wear jewels in my innie, lol! Weirdo!
Wedding rings on or off?: Happily on!
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy and excited. But a little bummed. This Friday, I was able to check my latest lab reports. Although everything appeared within normal ranges, our baby has a mild bilateral pyelectasis. In regular terms, it basically means that his kidneys aren't functioning properly. There are a few different routes this can go. #1 (& what we are praying for), it fixes itself before he is born & we would alert his pediatrician to keep a close eye on him; #2. He has to take medicine once he's born to regulate his kidney function; #3. He would need surgery...and probably the hardest #4. This diagnosis is a soft marker for Down Syndrome...
However, due to us not having any other makers for DS, it would be unlikely for it to be #4. Of course, the possibility is there but all of our other results and extensive tests have been within normal range. Our concrete numbers for DS ended up at 1 in over 7,000 and our other abnormalities were 1 in 10,000. (These both went up from 1 in 700 at the beginning of our pregnancy). 
Of course, we are not going to live the rest of our miraculous pregnancy thinking negatively. We are going to live it in true to us stylee; staying positive and looking toward a strong/healthy future. But it IS scary. It IS sad. To know that already there is something not functioning 100% with your unborn child is sad, scary, heavy...especially, with everything we have been through. It's difficult to see how easy is it for most everyone around us to get pregnant and have healthy, gorgeous babies. Families are expanding everywhere we look...and our situation is so delicate in superficial comparison. We are inundated in Cancer bills, recovery, our miraculous pregnancy...and now this possibility. Deep breath! I know, we know, that it will work itself out. It ALWAYS does! & I am praying every moment that our baby is healthy and precious and this little situation fixes itself. 
Looking forward to: A happy, healthy, precious life with lots of love and positivity. A healthy husband, a healthy baby boy, surrounded by the love of those who support us. <3
You are SO loved, Oliver D. Cruz Montgomery!
Your Daddy & I, along with so many friends/family
 can't wait to hold you!
Keep growing strong and healthy for as long as you need...


  1. Ooh no.... Hoping everything with his kidneys turns out okay. :( Your bump is finally growing, so exciting! Sorry but I had to giggle a little when I read about the cramps, we were just talking about them with Steven's dad last Saturday! I used to wake up in pain and Steven would get soo scared. Hope they go away! Ouch! ❤❤❤ Oliver!

    1. Thanks so much, Love! <3 Yay for baby bumps that are finally starting to show and boo to leg cramps! Wtf is up with those?! Luckily, it hasn't happened again! Lol! Oliver loves you!!!

  2. I just read your update! It doesn't notify me, so I have to check it anytime another week passes by ;) I hope his kidneys are ok, I had nooo idea :( and I just finished talking to you...His tia, Maritza will be thinking about him and I'm sure he will pull through! He's a strong little one, I know it! Buuuut, oh-ma-goodness you so have a baby bump now! You're totally preggers! It is adorable! Can't wait to see it/you in person! Looove you x's infinity!


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