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24 weeks

24 weeks, 3 days

How far along? 24 weeks, 3 days
Weight gain: Not sure but I feel soo heavy! Heaviest I've eeever been in my entire existance! If I wasn't working out I'd be huge, I'm sure! I really need to not giving in to eeevery single one of my cravings! My boobs are ginormous. I don't like it one bit. But I'm going guess around +13-15 lbs.? I saw one of my Personal Training clients today that I hadn't seen in awhile. She was shocked I am as far along as I am and said how weird it is because I'm gaining weight allll over, especially my boobs and thighs but not my belly and usually that happens when you're having a girl, not boy. At the end of our session she said "Bye, my Gordita!" As in my Chubster. Really?! :/ Great way to mess with a girl's self-esteem, not to mention a preggo!
Sleep: Not much sleep. I woke up yesterday with a cramp! Suckage! & I wake up so often to pee and sometimes I can't fall back asleep. & sleeping in just doesn't happen.
Best moment this week: Spending some real quality time with my husband! We never get to and we are making very real efforts to just have us time. It's been really nice. We also finished the nursery this weekend! We feel so accomplished! We are going to wait until after our baby shower to add the rest of the details. We have had to refrain from buying him outfits and cute things until after his shower as well. Bow ties, suspenders, skinny jeans, cardigans with elbow patches, mocassins, little Geoff shirts- oh my! It's going to so fun dressing him- I may wait until explosive diapers era is over though! haha!
I also read him his first book,"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." I am saving "I'll Love You Forever" until his first night home. :)
Miss anything?: Of course.
Movement: Contractions have continued but not more than 3 in an hour. He seems to be always moving. The other day/night though, he gave me a silent scare because I hardly felt him ALL day. It was soo odd. Late, late that night he started his usual kicking and moving and I was able to breathe again! My mom and sister were able to feel him last Sunday night, which was great. My Squirrel who we met in SD all the way from Texas got to feel some pretty big kicks as well! 
Food cravings: I had my all organic, grass fed beef burger last weekend and it was delicious! So glad! I also realized that I am aaalways craving sweets, especially if they have chocolate. I've ALWAYS craved them but I have had the self-restraint to say no and now I almost always say yes. I need to stop because I feel SO heavy today! My body feels like I weight 200 pounds! No more eating out for this fat girl! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Not today!
Gender: Baby boy! 
Labor signs: Yes, but under control! I have been making an effort to remove stressors from mi vida loca. Both in my professional and personal life. Simply not worth it when I have such a precious little life in me. :)

Symptoms: People are shocked that I'm 6 months along but I read that he is supposed to double in size in the next few weeks which I'm thinking means so will be belly. I hope my boobs stop growing though. I also find that my energy isn't as high once I get home. So my daily workouts have become 3-5 a week. I wasn't able to run two days in a row because he is sitting soo low, it's uncomfortable. Yesterday, I did run a 5K without stopping once which felt like a great feat. My time was crazy bad but I am still happy I was able to accomplish it without pushing too hard at 6 months pregnant! 
Belly button in or out?: My innie is visible at the surface! Not out yet but getting there! Crazy!
Wedding rings on or off?: On! 
Happy or Moody most of the time?: I feel like I'm in such a good place! Happy! 
I am already seeing how everyone has their opinions on what you should/should not be doing while pregnant (nutrition, fitness, etc.) or how life will be once he's here ("...take advantage of now, because later...just wait 'til..." At first, it was really annoying, then I realized some things and now iit just rolls off my back. Mainly because I realized that a lot of these things are facts, so the comments being shared are well-known facts and it's nobody's fault I've already heard/read them 5 times that day. 
I also realized that we all choose how we lead our lives, up to a certain extent. Some people choose not to have babies (I was one); some choose to have 4-5; and there's everyone in-between and beyond. 
If you are choosing your life, why complain? Also, don't make your life the 'right' life. Just be happy for me. & if you're not, don't say anything at all. Comments about what my life will be like with my child don't make much sense because none of us know what that will be like. :) It may be like yours, it may not be. Comments about how happy and glad you are that you're not having kids yet, don't sound supportive at this point. If you're a good friend, your life is about to change too, because this baby will be part of your life, too. ;) 
When you're pregnant, and going through so many changes physically and mentally, it is SO appreciated when people are simply nice. I'm all about keeping it real, for sure. Queen of it. But keep it real by being a real friend. & when I'm tearing out my hair and crying incessantly because my baby won't stop having explosive diapers/crying/won't sleep/etc., and I call you at 3am, THEN give me all the advice in the world, please. :) I will welcome it with open arms, promise!
Looking forward to: A growing baby bump; a healthy baby boy. Next appointment is in two weeks so hoping I get to see him again! November will be a fun month, too. Friday, we registered at the hospital and registered for three classes. We have three parent classes scheduled and it'll also be baby shower time! Thanksgiving, too! Looking forward to a month of celebrations. In November, every.single.weekend is booked with an event, wedding, etc. It's going to be SO busy but SO fun! I also want to show off the nursery!
*Pictures at 23weeks, 2 days*
Lunch meet-up in SD with my Texan Squirrel & Roomie! <3

How to top off the perfect lunch meet up? A donut, of course!

SD meet-up with my Mom, Dad and sister- who is also expecting! Geoff's first roadtrip!

Breakfast at The Naked Cafe- coconut french toast & artichoke/pesto quesadilla;
beach sun; & ridiculous amounts of froyo!
Satisfying a burger craving at The Burger Lounge and a sweet tooth!


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