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Week 22

Really bad quality 22 week picture! :]

How far along? 22 weeks, 3 days
Weight gain: Around 12 pounds. I have gained 2 pounds in the last 3-4 weeks which is really good considering average is 4 pounds a month at this point. :)
Sleep: So very sleepy today. Geoff has been making sure I don't sleep on my back at this point and I am finding it uncomfortable to be on my side. I feel bad sleeping on my stomach but it's safe for our Babe and I am going to do it as much as I can since it's the most comfortable right now. lol.
Best moment this week: Hearing that Oliver is growing right where he needs to be. He measured at 23 weeks at Friday's appointment (where we turned 22 weeks exactly). So that was great to hear! Along with his heartbeat, still at 155! That evening, two of our loves from L.A. also came to visit! California Love two weekends in a row! We are so blessed. We went out to a late dinner and it was SO nice to be out with Geoff in public! It felt so normal!! By the end he was exhausted but hung in there and we didn't make it to bed until past 1:30am just from pure fun! This was a major big first step! Saturday evening, we got to spend time with his parents and family and it was so fun, as well. We finally finished clearing out Oliver's nursery and it looks so great! All these moments this weekend were so awesome.
Miss anything?: The usual! ;)
Movement: Oh boy! So, Oliver hasn't been very shy with his movements. Our midwife was a little surprised to hear how early we were able to not only feel but see his movements and share them with others. She said those big movements usually aren't visible until 25 weeks or so. I told her we have been going for weeks! She keeps telling us he definitely has an active little personality already! Can't wait to meet him! Well, I further explained that often times, he bunches up and I can tell when he's about to kick and he does. She asked if this was ever followed by any pain. I told her about the pain I sometimes feel, which I looked up and is ligament stretching pain. We discussed and described this further and after lots of talking she tells us, "These movements and pains are NOT your baby kicking. You are experiencing contractions and your body is trying to go into early labor!" Hahahah, Geoff and I looked at each other shocked and started cracking up! Seriously? Oh, Oliver. You better stay in there buddy! No coming out any earlier than 37 weeks, please! That gives you a minimum of 15 weeks to go! :) We want you to stay in there and grrrooooow as healthy as can be. Pretty please! So now, I'm counting my contractions (crazy) and I am to call her and go to the hospital if we get more than 6 in an hour (along with a couple of other symptoms). So far we have only gotten up to 3 in an hour, so that's good, and it's not every hour. But it is everyday. Our Baby boy just wants to be with us already :) & although we want him to, we are perfectly happy waiting until January to see him. Who knows maybe he doesn't want to be a 2013 baby and thinks 2012 is his year! ;)
Food cravings: Cheeseburger planned for this weekend! I hope it's as good as I imagine!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Another big headache today. Poopers.
Gender: Baby O!
Labor signs: Hahaha, I always find this question to be so silly, but not anymore! Hoping for no more labor signs!
Symptoms: Peeing way too much, headaches, and huge boobs! I don't like any of these symptoms! & finally a growing belly! Not as big as it typically would be. My midwife saw me and exclaimed "you're so tiny! Are you really 22 weeks?!" She even left the room to confirm it, haha! But the good thing is our baby is growing even if I'm not! Apparently, my abdominal wall is holding in our baby nice and secure. She said that hopefully that will help with delivery and recovery! I asked if I needed to stop working out and she said not yet. Unless I felt a contraction during a workout- then I'm done! As long as this momma-to-be doesn't have to go on bed rest! Eek! But really, anything for our precious baby, so grow inside baby boy.
Belly button in or out?: Innie that wants to come out! I wonder when it'll be time to change my belly button ring!
Wedding rings on or off?: On! The only thing snug is my pants!
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Such a good weekend, nothing but smiles all around!
Looking forward to: A baby bump that looks pregnant! I ran into one of my girlfriends on Sunday morning and she even lifted up my shirt. She said my bump is not as pronounced in person as it is in pictures! Same as everyone at work! Soon it will be! I definitely have started to show! Looking forward to the next few weeks as Oliver continues to grow and my belly shows that. :)


  1. Eek Oliver! Testing out Mom and Dad already. Hope he stays safe and sound in there til it's time. My belly button never came out, I waited and waited when I was pregnant with Aiden.

    1. Thank you! He better! *shakes fist*, haha! It's the weirdest thing to see my belly button changing! It was soooo deep before and now to even be able to see it is so bizarre!

  2. Mine is really deep too. Give it a good cleaning since its finally out! Haha ;)


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