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21 weeks

Hi Oliver D. Cruz! <3

How far along? 21 weeks, 6 days
Weight gain: Still around 10 pounds, give or take 1. I hope I start embracing my growing bump soon. I think it simply needs to get bigger and look more pregnant! I must stop comparing myself to other girls who are just as far along as me and look so cute and really pregnant. I am starting to look pregnant but I feel like if it can be mistaken for weight gain, lol! Grow, belly, grow!
Sleep: Nothing really changes in this department. Pretty boring!
Best moment this week: Feeling SO loved and cared for this weekend. Saturday (Sept. 15th) was my birthday. I hadn't felt so loved in quite awhile. Or maybe it was the shift of everyone's questions being about regular stuff? Idk...but it was so beautiful. Two of my best friends  sisters came from L.A. and we spent Friday- Sunday together! Them, combined with my closest loves from AZ throughout the weekend made my heart nearly explode. I had a terribly rough week prior to this, with finding out about Oliver's kidneys and simply being overwhelmed by our current lives. I know that despite distance, I am loved. I am cared for. I also realized that I need to open up more. I feel like I am very open however, I also know that when shit hits the fan, I don't focus on it and don't call anyone up to talk about (or at least, very rarely do). I AM and hope to always be a super positive person. I think often times, even those closest to me, misinterpret me being positive/strong with me not needing anything... But life has been lonely for Geoff and I throughout this second battle with cancer and everyone has given us our space. We've been candid about our story, honest and raw. But because we are positive, the misconception is that we're strong and have it under control. Which is not always the case & it hit me hard this last week. I have always felt that I am in this world to listen to others; & I'm good at it. I love it. But I realized that with this new birthday, comes a new rebirth. At least, that's how I see my birthdays every year- a new, fresh opportunity! :) So I am taking it with me. Open up more and continue being there for those I love. Because they want to be there for me, for us, too! <3
Miss anything?: I'm a broken record. Wine, champagne, feta cheese and soft yolk eggs. Do I even need to change this line?
Movement: Our midwife said that it's usually not until 25 weeks that you start to SEE the movement and others get to experience it. Um, our baby is so hyper that for weeks we've been able to feel him and SEE his movements. This weekend, I got to share those moments with loved ones. It was so special for me, to have them make that connection with our tiny human being. 
Food cravings: Still waiting on that cheeseburger! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Migraines this week, poop!
Gender: ODCM <3
Labor signs: Of course not :)
Symptoms: Peeing every 10 minutes. This week, I peed, walked down the hall and had to turn around to pee again! haha! Insane!
Belly button in or out?: Wow, I have never ever imagined that my deep, deep innie would ever be so close to the surface!
Wedding rings on or off?: Happily on!
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Ups and downs, so moody! It's funny because the couple of times I have opened up to friends, the usual response is something along the lines of "...and it's worse because you're pregnant and have all these hormones..." ;) ! It makes me giggle. Issues are issues no matter what. Cancer sucks whether you're hormonal, no? ;) Being sad about weight gain: purely hormonal, no doubt though! :) 
Looking forward to: Our nursery being done! We have been working on it for one week! I cannot wait to have it done! So much hard work, but so much love! <3

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