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my baby boy officially turned two years old on friday, january 23rd at 4:51pm. we took our lunch break with him for pizza (one of his favorite food) and games. the next day, we gathered our beloveds at Camp Oliver and celebrated his precious life.

i had been contemplating this theme since about two weeks before he turned one. i am so glad i waited because he was truly able to enjoy it. i can only imagine next year, how much more he will enjoy it all.

our party was full of pinterest inspo, as well as other mamas who had done camps for their littles, and a lot of imagination from geoff & i. we worked endlessly on weekends and after work to make it all come together. and even though the morning greeted us with the stress of 25mph wind gusts, the day turned out perfectly and we are beyond thankful for everyone who helped make it such a success.

i am throwing in the towel and not throwing any major parties until he turns five. although, i can't help imagining a service workers theme: mail carriers, trash trucks and fire trucks galore! ;)
maybe on a tiny scale, haha....i can't help myself! plus, mickey mouse + disneyland are calling our names and i can't wait to get season passes and start celebrating there, too!

here's to our little oliver d's to everyone who has wholeheartedly supported our venture with him and loved him the same way we love him. i have truly been blessed to have our friends/family love him. he really is the way to my heart.

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