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// 2/52 //

// "a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015" //

This week, my little boy has become OBSESSED with Barney + Baby Bop (and occasionally BJ). He has never been interested in cartoons. A few months ago, on a long road trip, heintently watched videos on trash trucks- it was the cutest thing. This week, Nana told us she randomly found Barney the night before and recorded it. She turned it on for him the following day and he was intrigued, as the TV is never on at her house. He ended up loving it and requesting as soon as we got home. But by then his excitement had become psycho-superfan-like. The following day, Nana found these two figurines and this boy, literally spent the next 24 hours not letting them go (throughout dinner, bathtime, the two-hour sleep scream battle, the next morning, in the car, etc). I arrived at Nana's house and he asked for a picture with them. He chose two spots- by a palm tree and in the middle of dried, dead grass and told them (Barney and Baby Bop) to say "cheeeese!" I was laughing, but now that I look at the picture, it looks like he was signing for "more," the only sign he still regularly uses. The sweetest, cutest thing, yet we are simultaneously weaning him off his obsession that started just a few days ago. All things in moderation, son, all things in moderation. 

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