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// what goes around, comes around //

yesterday, on my way to pick up oliver from nana's, i was distracted by the opposing traffic: there was an SUV being pushed my a man into a business driveway, and he alllmost made the turn, except hit the sidewalk and couldn't push it over. traffic on that side was so jammed because of it and people were speedily driving by. i rolled down my window and asked the man if he needed help pushing. he said he did, but unfortunately, no one would let me through. by the time i crossed the intersection and went around two blocks, the car had safely made it to the parking lot and to my surprise, the owner was a mama with her two littles. the man was just a passerby who had since left. i asked her if i could help in any way and she said someone was already on their way. it warmed my heart that someone took the time to help her and immediately wondered what i would do in such a situation with my baby boy in the backseat. how nerve-wrecking! as i left, and tried patiently, to merge through traffic, i was pleasantly surprised and humbled at the THREE cars who each stopped separately to let me through. my tiny attempt at a good deed was paid forth. how rad is that?

further proving that what goes around, does indeed, come around. spread good vibes, people, spread good vibes.

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