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yesterday, i was proctoring a test for high school students and was faced with a disheartening reality. there was a certification statement that the students had to copy, in cursive, and about a dozen of them genuinely did not know how to write in cursive. i was in disbelief and honestly, saddened. in talking to my former elementary teacher co-workers & friends, they have told me that states are moving away from even teaching cursive. ahhh. then i talked to my husband about it and he said he would have to really concentrate if he had to write in cursive, too! as we experience the consumption of technology (which i am an avid fan of, obviously), it saddens me that the basics are being abandoned with time (think handwritten letters, snail mail, photographs, the list can go on and on). 
handwritting has always been my preferred method of writing and have always been in love with lettering. so here is a gift from me to you, if you would like it. a free download printable of a quote that i lettered and look at daily to focus me. i'll add another next week that i live by and remind myself at least ten times a day while at work!

click the link underneath the image to download it!


p.s. is anyone else obsessed with snail mail as much as i am?

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