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// a day with my son //

It's not every Monday that I get to cuddle with my baby boy in bed instead of rushing to work in a drowsy, mayhem-filled early morning. Having this past Monday off was Heaven-sent. Not only did this mama get early morning peaceful cuddles, I also spent a much needed day playing and loving on my son. 

My weekdays tend to be on the go. Patience dwindles by the evening, tempers rise and the rainbows and butterflies of parenthood tend to dissipate as dinners aren't eaten and bedtime routines are avoided by an unnamed toddler. Sprinkle in some tantrums, time outs and a new hitting phase. The precise recipe for a mama who questions if I am even meant to have this prestigious yet oh so challenging job in mamahood. Ay, is it tough. I know fellow mamas will nod their heads in unison as we all go through this. Which is why this Monday was long overdue. A time for just me and my boy to just be. And for the first 6-7 hours of our day, not a singlw tantrum was thrown, nor a voice raised. In lieu of that, giggles manifesting into roaring laughter (the sweetest sounds), and the constant raspberries of his plump lips making his trash trucks vroom by, filled our day. 

Mama's homeboy forever. 

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