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// twenty-one months //

21 months, which makes me feel like I can no longer say a year and a half when people ask how old he is. Wah.
"How old are you?"
"TWO!!!" & shows five fingers!

he is still holding strong at 30 lbs. Actually, yesterday he weighed in at 29.5.
taking out the trash, playing all kinds of ball, watching for airplanes, "cooking" in his kitchen and making us "taste" everything he makes, reading books, reading the newspaper every day at Nana's, and looking at the ads to point out appliances, haha, running, jumping, riding his bike, working out- i've never seen baby burpees look so damn good! Also, when he picks up his toys, we die! So cute- he leaves his hands stiff and tries to scoop using just his fingertips, haha!
so much more independent play!
& so playful in a teasing way- for example, we ask you for kisses and you love to say "NO!!" and laugh!

Ah, Baby Boy fights sleep every single night. He has the same routine and despite that, tries to manipulate the situation to not have to fall asleep. A typical routine for us includes bath time, being coerced into reading at minimum 10 books (by the way, his obsession with reading is superb), asking for agua ten times, asking to be rocked or laid down with, finally laying down (or is lying?), and crying while we hold his hand and he grasps his blankie and Lobo, his stuffed wolf.
  New Words: 
His constant words (even though he repeats everything):
Poop (by the way, any little spec of anything in the tub, is immediately poop, and he is terrified of it!)
Meelman (mailman)
Perpane (airplane)
beeee tuck (big truck) and he signs for big/little
tash tuck (trash truck)
peeeease (please)
tanku (thank you)
Two! (when we ask him how old he is, he shows five fingers and exclaims TWO!! haha)
Mamo (Te Amo)
lah you (I love you)
& the way he says no is the cutest thing in the world! 

Favorite Foods: 
pizza and cookies are always good briberies!
We make healthy pizzas at home (i.e. open faced quesadillas with veggie toppings) and cookies are actually crackers.
Any type of green smoothie
Corn in the Cob

I guess I can delete this section! We haven't nursed for almost two months! 

Favorite Things: 
Same as last months: Still obsessed with all things kitchen, all things with motors, going on our nightly sunset "by ry" (bike ride), jumping (funniest thing ever), working out (this kid can lift weights my client's use!), eating, the pool, bubbles, music and books, playing and bugging Honey Munster. 

Signature Moves: 
Right now, it's definitely his dancing. He grabs his knees and shakes his butt, haha! Too damn cute!

Mommy's Proudest Moment: 
My biggest reality check has been watching him repeat the things I say or do! It is definitely something I need to keep myself in check in. What a huge reality check to how I act!

This Month's Highlights:
- We have had lots of Mommy and Oliver dates. loving them!
- We went to a car show and you loved it! You even got to take your mini version of Dad's car! 
- You had a great playdate with friends!
- You are further obsessed with dogs and cats!
- We started all of your October themed foods and they have been a great hit!
- You met Nana's mailman and he made you a bag and hat! You are so obsessed with him and look for him every day!
- Carson stayed with us for a week and you surprised us with how caring you are! You share without hesitation and are so loving! Except your bike, you didn't want to share your bike!
- We went to the pumpkin patch and you really enjoyed the hay maze and riding the tractor at night!
-You still love going to the park!
- We went to a costume party for your buddy Judah, and you dressed up like a little punk! too cute!

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