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Oliver's Birth Story- Part One of Deux

January 25th, 2013 was our estimated due date. I wasn't sure if we would make it all that way after being on bedrest for 4 weeks. But then with our luck, I thought it'd be perfectly ironic to make it past that due date. As soon as we hit 38 weeks, we started doing everything short of consuming castor oil to induce labor. But this stubborn baby has a mind of his own and prefers to do things his way. On January 22nd I was at work and felt the tiniest little cramp. Nothing significant but just enough of a difference for me to notice. These continued for hours and I finally mentioned it to my co-worker. Around 1pm, I was teaching my class and got up to walk around and check my kiddos work...and felt a tiny leak. I looked down but realized it wasn't significant. Ten minutes later, class ended and I went to check in the bathroom, but again, not enough to be significant. I sat in the lounge and talked to two other co-workers, laughing and saying "I wonder if that was some of my water breaking!" The little cramps continued all day and I came home to rest. I had been wanting to juice for dinner because I was feeling blah, but after talking to Geoff, we decided not to because what if this was it. His family from out of state (great aunts and uncle) were in town so we went out to dinner with his whole family. I kept telling everyone this probably would be my last meal and even took pictures with them, just in case! I kept leaking a little bit each time I'd sit for awhile and stand up.

The next morning, I woke up around 4:50am with the same cramps but a little stronger. Geoff had already been at work since 4am, so I texted him. But I really wasn't sure. I decided to have a slice of toast with peanut butter, honey and half a banana- what I would have for energy for a long run! Juuust in case. By 6am they had gotten a bit stronger so I decided to get in the tub. I laid in hot water and it eased the pain, which made me start to doubt that it may be it.  When I got out of the shower and started getting ready for work, the cramps started stronger and I decided to start timing them...4 minutes apart. So I decided to text our midwife a little update and by the time I had hit sent, she was already calling. She asked me to come in to her office to perform a test to see if my water had broken. I let Geoff know and called work saying I'd be in after my appointment, haha. Geoff met me at home and packed our hospital bags just in 8:45am we were at Susie's office.

She did a PH level test and immediately the little strip changed to bright blue, and she said that my water had definitely broken and she started talking about check in procedures, and ran by my labor plan again. She said I was 70% effaced and 3-4cm dilated. She said she was going to let me go completely natural but did want me to get an IV port put in just in case, but she wouldn't have me get an actual IV since I was actually well hydrated. She prayed with us and gave us lots of hugs. As she was walking out I said "Wait! Are we having the baby TODAY?!" Geoff and her laughed and gave me more hugs while confirming this was happening. She left and Geoff and I started laughing with excitement and some fear haha!

We got back into my Jeep and started calling our parents and then texted our bff'ers! I kept timing my contractions and they were all 3-4 minutes apart but more painful than ever. We arrived to check in and they had us wait before giving us a room although Susie had already called to tell them to be ready for us. By the time we were settled and changed (I got to wear my own gown) in our room it was already 10am.

My contractions were very painful at this point but manageable. Our wonderful nurse had to ask us a gazillion questions and it took them 4-5 pokes to finally get the port in. For a natural labor, my arms and hands looked pretty beat up! They hooked up to monitor Oliver's heartrate and said that after 20 minutes, I was free to roam and do whatever I wanted to progress my labor. Sounded pretty easy. Except, the bands wrapped around my belly kept slipping and couldn't read the contractions correctly so I kept having to restart those 20 minutes. Then they realized that the baby's heartrate kept dropping with each contraction. Our nurse explained that this could be because of multiple things but not to worry...yet. As the hours progressed, my contractions were on top of each other, coming in groups of two without much time in between to recover. By noon, my mouth started to water like I was about to throw up. I kept telling Geoff and our nurse that I was going to, but I absolutely detest throwing up so I fought the urge. Finally, I took off the monitors and practically ran to the bathroom. I threw up a bunch of bile and then got sick to my stomach. I guess my body was trying to empty out before delivery! An hour later, I was fighting the same pain. Our nurse finally asked if I wanted to be checked again. Susie doesn't like anyone else touching her patients but she said if I requested it, she could check me. Of course, I wanted to know but was so disheartened to hear that I was only at a 4, although I had effaced to more. By this point, I was in so much pain that I couldn't concentrate on anything or anyone. I remember being so exhausted and wanting to sleep in between contractions. I would close my eyes and focus and feel like I was doing that for the longest time- only to open my eyes and realize that it had only been 2 minutes. This kept happening over and over. Around 1pm, our nurse left on her lunch break (I wished her a happy lunch and told her to rest up, haha), and another nurse came in to cover for her. I was allowed to get on the medicine ball- I kept insisting that I needed out of the bed. But they kept trying to get that 20 minute strip to monitor the babies heartrate. I would be asked to lay on one side and not move. Which was absolute torture! While, on the medicine ball, I felt like I wasn't going to make it much longer. At one point I looked up and saw Geoff's mom there. I had no idea she was coming. I felt like crying and started whimpering. I remember praying to God aloud over and over and asking for the strength to continue. I came down from the medicine ball and just labored on my hands and knees on the floor. I started to feel sick again and started to work my way to the bathroom. By this time our nurse was back and tried to convince me not to go but I knew I was going to be sick again. Which I was. I came back and they asked me to lay on my side again to try to monitor our baby. I worked so hard to not tighten up my body with each contraction. I kept telling Geoff that I didn't think I could do it for much longer. After some time, he asked me if I wanted medicine. I said yes but no. haha! But I kept going and he kept asking me if I was sure; he finally asked our nurse what other medicines were available other than an epidural. She gave a couple of options, both of which I couldn't concentrate on, and Geoff began to explain them to me. I couldn't say yes to them though because although they were short term (would wear off in two hours), they still affected the baby by making him sleepy or out of it. Our nurse did tell us that usually you progress 1cm an hour...and it was 3pm at this point- dilated at a 4...I definitely couldn't last another 6 hours- no way! But I also wanted to push my body to its limit. I kept thinking how our bodies are meant to go through this pain. Each wave of a contraction built up and peaked and remained in that peak for quite a while. As it started to subside, another one would immediately reach its zenith point. Pure torture. At 3pm, our nurse called Susie to tell her I was considering medicine.

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