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My Two Baby Must-Haves

As a new, first-time Mommy, I love looking at what other moms post as their must-haves. Although, I have pleeeeeeeenty to add to this list, I know that every Mommy and baby is completely different. But there are a couple of items that have been SO convenient and I have recommended them to other mommas who have excitedly called back to tell me they also worked for them! As someone with no experience, other than my current one, it makes me feel pretty darn good! I have plenty of other recommendations but these two have been my biggest lifesavers!

1. The NoseFrida Snotsucker- I SWEAR by this!! I use almost daily, as Oliver tends to be stuffed up in the morning. He hates it but as soon as it's over and he can breathe, he is all smiles immediately! I am obsessed with him having a clean nose! Often, you cannot see anything in his nostrils but you can hear it in his breathing. This does require some lung capacity from the momma (Geoff refuses to try it), and no, you do not eat anything gross as there is a long tube and at the end of it there's a filter- although we have never gotten up that far! I know this will come in just as handy when he has a real need for it as well!

2. The Windi- made by the same company. I feared Colic like no other, so I looked for some natural solutions while pregnant just in case. Although, Oliver has not really been colicy, he is very gassy. After any long nap or sleep, he wakes up with a lot of gas. We constantly give him belly massages and bicycle his legs to help him relieve some gas. I hear that this is totally normal. Have you ever heard a newborn grunt and grunt. Super cute until they cry from it! The first month of Oliver's life, he seemed to struggle so The Windi was SO useful in relieving him from some gas. You put baby oil on the tip and insert it as you would a suppository. Depending on the issue, it somehow relieves gas and he always poops right after. I also bought Colic Calm (the ONLY homeopathic gripe water on the market) but I haven't used it enough. I did recommend it to another mommy and she says that as soon as her baby drinks some, he is calm and falls asleep! The three times I've used it on Oliver, he has been so overtired that I really don't know if it's worked. Although, the second time we used it, he did relieve some gas!

I've purchased all of these items from Amazon and will continue to do so! Love them!

Baby Must Haves

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